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You heard it on Q93!

A Guy Buries His Dead Cat . . . Only to Have Him Show Up Alive Five Days Later HIGHLIGHTS: A 52-year-old guy in Tampa found his cat dead in the street earlier this month, after being hit by a car. So he buried him. But five days later, the cat showed up at his HOUSE. So either it was a ZOMBIE CAT . . . or it was initially unconscious, dug his way out of the grave, and wandered home. FULL STORY: The Internet is obsessed with both zombies and cats. So by that standard, we've just found the next biggest Internet celebrity. 52-year-old Ellis Hutson of Tampa, Florida had a cat named Bart, who was hit by a car earlier this month. Ellis rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late . . . Bart was dead. So Ellis gave him a quick funeral and buried him. But five days later . . . Bart showed up at the house ALIVE. Which means Bart is a ZOMBIE CAT. That's the theory we like most, anyway. The second best theory is that Bart was just unconscious after the accident, woke up underground after he'd been buried, dug his way out of the grave, and wandered back home. Bart was busted up pretty bad from the accident . . . so to add to his zombie vibe, he had scratches on his face and a dead eye. Vets are treating him now and say they expect him to survive . . . but he'll probably lose his eye.


Women Are Nine Times More Likely to Want a Geek Husband Than a Jock Husband

A new survey asked women if they'd rather marry a guy who's a tech entrepreneur or a football player.  45% said a tech guy and just 5% said a football player . . . which means women were NINE TIMES more likely to go for a geek than a jock.  The survey also found 58% of people think being called a tech geek is a compliment.

Man, '80s movies must be rolling over in their graves.  Thirty years later, the pendulum has FULLY swung . . . geeks run the world and jocks are OUT.


A new survey asked women if they'd rather marry a guy who's a tech entrepreneur or a football player.  45% said a tech guy and just 5% said a football player . . . which means women were NINE TIMES more likely to go for a geek than a jock


The survey also found 58% of people think being called a tech geek is a compliment.


88% think having tech geek skills will help you get a job.

And 60% think a tech geek has the best chance of anyone to become a BILLIONAIRE.


Is Mississippi the "Sluttiest" State in America?

  A website just tried to figure out the SLUTTIEST STATE in America but I feel like they dogged it a little . . . I mean, they didn't even factor in things like lower back tattoos per capita.  How you gonna do THIS study without THAT?


 Nope . . . the entire thing is JUST based on the states' chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis rates.


 And using that as the metric, the sluttiest state in America is . . . Mississippi.  The rest of the top 10 are:  Alaska . . . Alabama . . . Louisiana . . . South Carolina . . . Arkansas . . . Georgia . . . North Carolina . . . Illinois . . . and New Mexico.


  On the other end, New Hampshire is the LEAST infected state.  The rest of their 10 least slutty states are:   Vermont . . . Utah . . . Maine . . . Idaho . . . West Virginia . . . Wyoming . . . Oregon . . . Montana . . . and New Jersey.


You Don't Need to Let Your Car Warm Up When It's Cold Out . . . You're Just Wasting Gas

   A lot of the U.S. is getting hit by a wicked cold front.  Which is why THIS caught our eye . . .

  "The Washington Post" just did a story on whether or not warming up your car before you drive actually DOES anything.  And the answer is . . . NO.  Or, at least it doesn't do anything beneficial for the car itself.

  It USED to be necessary back when cars had carburetors, which need the engine to warm up before they'll work right.  But by the 1990's, almost all cars had electronic fuel injectors, which automatically compensate for the temperature.

  So as long as you're not in a 30-year-old car, you probably don't need to let it warm up.  The only practical reason to do it is so the INSIDE of the car gets warm, or so you can crank the defrost . . . which is probably why most people do it.

But if you're running late for work, there's no need to sit there waiting and worrying if the engine is ready.  You could also end up wasting a decent amount of gas.  A 2009 survey found that when it's cold out, the average person lets their car warm up for about five minutes.

  And a test showed that when it's right around zero degrees, letting your car idle for just five minutes can increase your total fuel consumption by 7 to 14%.



A Cop Saved a Two-Year-Old by Giving Him CPR with One Hand, and Driving to the Hospital with the Other


HIGHLIGHTS:  On Monday, a cop in Poughkeepsie, New York pulled a guy over for speeding, and found out the guy's two-year-old son had stopped BREATHING, and didn't have a pulse.  So he drove them to the hospital . . . steering with one hand, and doing CPR with the other.  And he ended up saving the kid's LIFE.



FULL STORY:  For me, multitasking means making mac and cheese, watching "16 and Pregnant", and playing Candy Crush on my phone.  THIS is multitasking . . .



On Monday afternoon, a cop in Poughkeepsie, New York named Patrick Hildenbrand pulled over a 20-year-old guy named Matthew Morgan for speeding. 



But it turned out Matthew's two-year-old son, Matthew Jr., had just had a SEIZURE, wasn't breathing, didn't have a PULSE, and they were racing to the hospital.  So Patrick told Matthew to jump in the back of his police car, and they took off together.



Then he called ahead to let doctors know what was up, and told Matthew how to do CPR on a child.  But Matthew was too freaked out to follow his directions.


So Patrick held the steering wheel with his left hand . . . reached into the backseat with his right hand . . . and HE started doing chest compressions.  Again, WHILE they were speeding to the hospital.

   And it saved the boy's LIFE.  When they got to the hospital he started breathing again, and it looks like he'll be okay.


The Most Common Thing People Dream About in All 50 States

  Wondering if you're the only person who wakes up confused why you keep dreaming about sweet, sweet MURDER?  Well, you're NOT . . . if you live in Montana.



There's a website called DreamsCloud where people submit their dreams for interpretation.  And they analyzed the most common things people dream about in each state. 



Well, the most common words that showed up in people's descriptions of dreams, anyway.  We're not sure you can draw any conclusions from the results.  How many of us have sent our dreams to this site for interpretation?  But it's still fun to look at.



The most perverted states are Missouri, where the most common word that shows up is SEX.  And Utah, where the most common dreams are about BREASTS.



The scariest states are Maine, where the most common word that shows up is screaming.  And Montana, where the most common dream is about friends . . . and the second most common dream is about MURDER.



It's a tough call which state dreams about the funniest thing, but we'll say it's either Nebraska, where the most common dreams are about piglets . . . or Idaho, where the most common dreams are about Japanese writing. 



A few other interesting results are:  Alabama . . . high school.  Alaska . . . magic.  Arizona . . . bedroom.  Delaware . . . speeding.  Florida . . . bathroom.  Iowa . . . angels.  Kentucky . . . ex-boyfriend.  Louisiana . . . drugs.  Mississippi . . . cheating.



And a few states didn't have ANY data . . . Arkansas, North Dakota, and Vermont.  Either because they don't dream that much, or people there have better things to do than analyze their dreams online.






Instead of windows, designers from Technicon Design used flexible screens to cover the walls and ceilings of the cabin in their windowless jet concept. Those screens can display panoramic exterior views in real time using fuselage and wing mounted cameras. Essentially, you can see outside without actually seeing outside.


11 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier


  Some foods can actually make you feel HUNGRIER when you eat them.  Which is a good way to get big in a hurry, if you're not paying attention.  Watch out for these 11 foods, and don't let them fool you. 



1.  White bread.  It makes your insulin levels go up, which can make your body think it needs more sugar.



2.  Fruit juice.  It's so sugary that it causes a sugar spike in your blood, and then a hard crash afterwards.



3.  Salty snacks.  A lot of times your body will compensate by craving something sweet.



4.  Fast food.  It's so salty you can get dehydrated, and sometimes that can cause stomach pain that feels like a hunger pang.



5.  Alcohol.  It tends to reduce levels of leptin . . . a hormone that makes you feel full.  And it can deplete your body's energy reserves, so you crave carbs.



6.  White pasta.  It's so full of carbs that it can cause insulin spikes, and those can make you feel hungry, just like with white bread.



7.  MSG.  It messes with your hypothalamus and causes big increases in your appetite.  Now you know why they serve Chinese food by buffet.



8.  Sushi.  It's mainly white rice, so it has the same effect as bread or pasta.



9.  Artificial sweeteners.  They make your body think it's about to get something it can use for energy.  But they have no calories, so then you just crave sweets.



10.  Kids cereals.  They're so high in sugar that they can cause spikes and drops in insulin and blood sugar levels throughout the day.



11.  Pizza.  It messes with your hormones, your blood sugar levels . . . everything.  It's because everything in a pizza is processed.  So if you made a pizza from scratch with fresh toppings and whole wheat dough, you'd be all right.



Six Things That Will Make You Feel Really Old

1.  1998 is as far away as 2030.


2.  If Bart Simpson was a real person, he'd be 31 now.


3.  Kids starting high school next month were born in 2001.


4.  Jerry Seinfeld was 35 when "Seinfeld" started . . . now he's 60.


5.  The Taco Bell Chihuahua has been dead for five years.


6.  In "Back to the Future", Marty travels back in time from 1985 to 1955.  If someone travelled 30 years back in time today, it would be to 1984.


Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  You can't legally buy fireworks in Florida . . . unless you're using them for pest control.  So when people buy fireworks in Florida, they have to sign a form that says they're using them for agricultural reasons.


2.  If MEL BROOKS wins one more Oscar, he'll be the first person to win a double EGOT . . . that would be two Emmys, two Grammys, two Oscars, and two Tonys.


3.  Each airline spends an average of $1.2 million a year in fuel because of the weight of every passenger's cell phone.  They also spend $5.7 million in fuel because of the weight of magazines, and $7 million because of iPads.


4.  Butter is BACK.  This year the average American will eat 5.6 pounds of butter, or about 22.5 sticks.  That's the most since World War Two.


5.  Domino's and Pizza Hut are luxury items in Japan . . . a large pizza costs around $35.


"Doritos Roulette" . . . a Bag of Doritos Where One Out of Seven Chips Is Incredibly Spicy

  The people at Frito-Lay have managed to turn eating Doritos into a game.  And NOT just a game of, "Let's see how chubby I can get."

  Right now there's a special limited-edition line of Doritos in Canada called Doritos Roulette.  And they've got a hell of a gimmick:  Six out of every seven chips are normal Doritos . . . one out of seven LOOKS normal but is actually incredibly spicy.

There's no word on if or when these might come to the U.S.


A Man Learns the Hard Way Why You Don't Slap a Porcupine

You shouldn't go around slapping ANY animal.  But if you're going to pick an animal to slap, at least pick one that doesn't have built-in anti-slapping technology.

  50-year-old Antonio Rodrigues Mororo of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was having a family party at his house last week, and his wife couldn't get inside . . . because there was an animal blocking the door.

Antonio thought it might be an opossum . . . but it was actually a porcupine.  He probably should've known that from all the sharp quills sticking out of its back.

Anyway, Antonio tried to get rid of it by slapping it away . . . and wound up taking 400 quills to the hand.

He went to the hospital and they gave him anesthesia . . . but that wasn't enough to stop the pain.  Then they pulled out all the quills and gave him a tetanus shot . . . which is probably no big deal when you've just taken 400 needles.

Antonio is still recovering . . . with a ton of little holes in his hand.


Seven Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don't



1.  Cooking from scratch.  Not following a recipe, but actually improvising with food.  Before microwaves and TV dinners, people just had to know how to work with what they had, and make it taste good.


2.  Sewing.  Also crocheting, quilting, darning, needlepoint, and all that related stuff.  If we have holes in our socks, we throw them away.  Your grandparents actually sat down and fixed them.  Men too . . . they had to do it by themselves in the Army.



3.  Canning.  A couple people do it now if they're really into home gardening.  But fifty years ago, just about everybody did it.



4.  Ironing.  It used to be that you would iron everything off the clothesline.  Now we just iron dress clothes, and most of the time we don't even do it right.


5.  Meeting people in person . . . by TALKING.  A lot of us meet new people online nowadays.  When we're out in public, face to face with real people, we IGNORE them . . . so we can stay online instead.



6.  Haggling.  Before everything was sold in chain superstores, people used to haggle a lot.  Now you never even get to try, except on Craigslist and at the car dealership.



7.  Writing letters.  Your grandparents used to write beautiful letters all the time, with pen and paper, and mail them in envelopes.  The writing you do on Facebook and Twitter . . . your grandparents would have called that being ILLITERATE.



Five Random Facts For Tuesday


1.  The "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube is at more than 2 billion views, which means human beings have spent 140 million total hours watching it.  That's 16,000 YEARS.


2.  The reason doctors wear blue or green scrubs is because those are on the opposite side of the color wheel from red and pink . . . which makes those colors clearer during surgery.


3.  Disney World and Disneyland employees who dress up as characters and walk around the parks have to go through special training to learn how to do their character's correct autograph.


4.  "Eyes Wide Shut" has the record for the most consecutive days of filming without a day off, at 400 days straight.  At one point, Stanley Kubrick made Tom Cruise do 97 takes of him just walking through a door.


5.  The only two states where it's totally legal to shoot porn are California and New Hampshire.  Other states like Nevada and Florida might temporarily look the other way . . . but they could crack down on your shoot at any point.


A Woman Catfishes Her Niece . . . and Finds the Niece Wants Her Killed

  A woman in Fosters, Alabama has been taking care of her 19-year-old niece, Marissa Williams . . . and she felt like Marissa was getting too RISKY on Facebook.  Marissa would meet strange guys on Facebook and invite them over.


So back in April, her aunt created a fake profile for a guy named Tre "Topdog" Ellis and added Marissa as a friend.  She thought that if she CATFISHED Marissa, she could actually talk to her and get some insight into her life.


And she got it.  On the first day Marissa talked to 'Tre,' she gave him her address and asked him to come over to get drunk . . . then offered to have SEX with him if he paid her $50 cell phone bill.  And that was TAME compared to what came next.


  A few days later, Marissa asked Tre if he'd come over, kidnap her . . . and MURDER her aunt.  She gave him details of how to get into her aunt's bedroom . . . and also asked him to kill her aunt's fiancé, her cousin, and the family dog.


The aunt went to the police, and Marissa was arrested for solicitation of murder.  She told the cops she DID send the messages but didn't really want anyone to get killed.


Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1. The dinosaurs are only on screen for 15 minutes total in "Jurassic Park"


2.  Philadelphia Cream Cheese was actually created in Chester, New York. 


3.  "The Simpsons" has been on TV for so long that Fox once moved it to Thursday nights to compete with "The Cosby Show"


4.  There was once an alcoholic version of Gatorade for sale.  It was a mix of lemon-lime Gatorade and beer called Hop'n Gator.  The people behind Gatorade created it in 1969 . . . but it tanked. 


5.  In North Carolina, it's illegal to kill more than four turtles in your lifetime.  The fifth time and any time after that, you could be charged with animal cruelty.


Five Random Facts For Monday


1.  "Ghostbusters" was originally written to feature a three-man team played by Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, and John Belushi.  But they re-wrote the script after Belushi died.


2.  Warren Buffett has only sent one email in his entire life.  He sent it to a friend at Microsoft and it ended up being used in a court case . . . he never sent another one.  And he still uses a Nokia flip phone.


3.  It's illegal to burn a foreign country's flag in Denmark . . . but it's legal to burn the DANISH flag.


4.  There are 1,600 Chili's locations around the world . . . and every single one has a picture hanging upside down.  They say it's for good luck.


5.  Zebras don't have black and white stripes . . . they're black and covered in white stripes.


Five Random Facts For Friday


1.  Bill Gates could afford to buy every single home in Boston.  Warren Buffett could afford to buy every single home in Charlotte, North Carolina.  And Mark Zuckerberg could "only" afford to buy every single home in St. Paul, Minnesota.



2.  The L.A. Kings and the New York Rangers are playing in the Stanley Cup right now . . . the first time a team from L.A. and New York have competed for a major sports championship since 1981, when the Dodgers beat the Yankees in the World Series.


3.  Because there's a toy in every Happy Meal, McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys.  On a similar note, the largest producer of tires in the world is . . . Lego.


4.  The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn.


5.  69% of children under five can use a computer mouse . . . but only 11% know how to tie their shoelaces.


Five Random Facts For Wednesday

1.  Hurricanes with female names kill about TWICE as many people as hurricanes with male names.  And it may be because we're all SEXIST . . . as in, we don't take female hurricanes as seriously, and don't take the right precautions.


2.  People spent 2.4 billion hours watching OTHER PEOPLE play video games online last year.  That's up from 1.3 billion hours in 2012.


3.  The majority of suicides happen between midnight and 4:00 A.M. . . . with 16% of all suicides happening between 2:00 A.M. and 2:59 A.M.


4.  A can of Coke is 90% water . . . a can of Diet Coke is 99% water.


5.  Clownfish . . . like the ones in "Finding Nemo" . . . can change from male-to-female if they need to, for reproduction.  So in the movie, once Nemo's mother was killed, his father would've grown female sex organs and started reproducing . . . with Nemo.


A Guy Steals a GPS, Then Calls the Cops When He Gets Lost

  I wonder if this idiot criminal can see the irony in his story.  Probably not. 

24-year-old Andrew James Joffee of Chuluota, Florida broke into a house last week, and stole some cell phones, earrings, and a GPS device.  Then he took off running.

It was dark, he didn't know the area . . . and he was pretty sure some WILD HOGS were chasing him.  So he decided he needed help . . . and he called the cops to tell them he was LOST.

And yes, he got lost even though he had a stolen GPS with him. 

The cops came out to help, but ran his name and found he had an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license.  So they searched his backpack . . . and found all of the stuff he'd stolen from the house.


  He was arrested, and a police spokesman said, quote, "In his defense, it does get pretty dark out [there] in the middle of the night."


Here are a few random facts for you.  Only one in 25 bank robberies turn violent.  FedEx would've gone under in the 1970s, but the founder gambled the company's last $5,000 in Vegas and won enough to cover their bills.  And health care CEOs got paid more than any other CEOs in the U.S. last year . . . an average salary of $12.3 million.




1.  Violence is actually pretty rare in bank robberies . . . it only happens about one out of 25 times.  Most of the time a robber hands the teller a note, gets the money, and leaves.



2.  FedEx almost went under back in the '70s in their early years . . . they only had $5,000 in the bank and needed to pay off $24,000.  They're still around because the founder took the last $5,000 to Vegas, gambled it on blackjack, and won $27,000.



3.  The reason Hitler shaved his mustache down to a square is because he had trouble fitting a regular mustache into a gas mask.  Although he didn't invent the look or anything.  It's the 'toothbrush' moustache, and it was made popular by Charlie Chaplin.



4.  Cats are the only domesticated animal never mentioned in the Bible.  Dogs are mentioned 14 times.



5.  Want to know why your health care is so expensive?  For the fifth time in six years, in 2013, health care CEOs were paid more than any other CEOs in the U.S. . . . an average salary of $12.3 million.  That's up 13% from 2012.



Women Are Most Likely to Gain Weight at Age 38 . . . For Men, It's Age 44

    Wanna know when you're finally going to say "screw it" and start eating donuts by the case?


A new survey found the ages when men and women are most likely to gain weight.  For men, it's 44 . . . for women, it's 38.


The main reason men gave for gaining weight in their mid 40s is that their career and family responsibilities are both peaking . . . so they stop having time for exercise.

  The main reason WOMEN gave for gaining weight in their late 30s is their KIDS . . . whether it's being too busy with the kids to exercise, or eating out of stress.


Webster's Dictionary Is Adding Hashtag, Selfie, Auto-Tune, and Turducken


Merriam-Webster is adding over 150 words to the newest edition of its "Collegiate Dictionary".  And as usual, things that have to do with technology and the internet tend to dominate.  Here are the top 13 new internet and tech words . . .



1. Hashtag.


2.  Selfie.  In November, the Oxford English Dictionary named "selfie" the Word of the Year.  Although Webster's went with "science".)


3. Hot spot . . . as in a WiFi hot spot.


4.  Big data.  Which they define as, quote, "an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools."


5.  Auto-Tune.


6.  Crowdfunding . . . when you raise money through websites like Kickstarter.


7.  Dubstep.  That's the electronic music that pretty much requires a computer to create.


8.  E-waste . . . which is anything tech-related that you throw away.


9.  Social networking.


10.  Tweep . . . a person who uses Twitter.


11.  Catfish . . . as in someone "catfishes" you online, and pretends to be someone they're not.


12.  Fangirl.  Obviously it's the female version of fanboy.  As in, a girl who's WAY too into something.  They're both kind of an online phenomenon.


13.  Spoiler alert.



But there are actually a few words that DON'T deal directly with technology and the internet. The top seven are:



1.  Baby bump.


2.  Fracking.


3.  Freegan.  That's, quote, "an activist who scavenges for free food . . . as in waste receptacles at stores and restaurants . . . as a means of reducing consumption of resources."


4.  Gamification . . . where you add game elements to something that ISN'T a game to make more people interested in it.


5.  Steampunk . . . which is, quote, "science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology."


6.  Turducken . . . "a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey."


7.  Yooper . . . a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Five Random Facts For Thursday

 1.  JOHNNY CASH'S birth name wasn't Johnny . . . he didn't have ANY first name.  His parents gave him initials, J.R., because they couldn't think of a name.  When he enlisted in the Air Force, they said he needed a name . . . so he picked John.


2.  Cats sleep so much that by the time they turn nine years old, they've only been awake about three years.


3.  King Olaf V of Norway competed in the Olympics while he was king . . . but not just because he could, because he was good at SAILING.  He won a gold medal at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. 


4.  HALL and OATES met when they were both at a concert in Philadelphia . . . and a GANG fight broke out.  They hopped in the same elevator to get away from gunshots, found out they both went to Temple University, and became friends.


5.  Mosquitoes have killed more people than all of the wars in history combined . . . by infecting tens of billions of people with diseases.


50-year-old Veronica Rodriguez was home in College Station, Texas last week, and heard a noise in the bathroom.  And if she wasn't ALREADY afraid of snakes . . . we're guessing she is now.



Because when she turned on the lights to the bathroom . . . she found herself face-to-face with a 12-FOOT AFRICAN PYTHON.  Somehow it had managed to get into her house, and was hanging out in her bathtub.



So she slammed the door, ran outside, and called 911.  A cop showed up with a small grocery bag to put the snake in, but he ended up calling animal control . . . who showed up with a 10-gallon bucket.  And that STILL wasn't CLOSE to big enough.



Finally, they decided to use a city TRASH CAN . . . and they managed to get the snake inside.  Then they sealed up the trash can . . . and left it by the side of Veronica's HOUSE until the next morning, when they could transport it to a rescue facility.



Apparently this python wouldn't have been dangerous to any adults . . . but it could've been dangerous to small children or pets.  No one's quite sure where it came from or how it got into Veronica's house. 



Five Random Facts For Tuesday


1.  Before Hugo Boss became an international fashion company, they made uniforms for the Nazis.  No one knew until 1997, when the company showed up on a list of Swiss bank accounts . . . and the company admitted their Nazi ties.



2.  40% of Americans now carry less than $20 cash on them, and another 9% never carry ANY cash.  That's about HALF of us.



3.  Americans always picture Godzilla being GREEN . . . but in the Japanese movies, he was NEVER green.  He was always charcoal gray.



4.  BENJAMIN HARRISON was elected president in 1888, and was the first U.S. president to have electricity in the White House . . . but he never touched the light switches because he was afraid of getting electrocuted.



5.  In Oblong, Illinois it's illegal to have sex while you're out on a hunting or fishing trip on your wedding day.


A Judge Has Ordered a Hunt for Legendary DJ Casey Kasem


HIGHLIGHTS:  A judge ordered authorities to locate legendary DJ CASEY KASEM, who's 82 and suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.  Casey's kids have been warring with his current wife for years over his care.  Mrs. Kasem has moved Casey several times and kept the kids from seeing him.  They think she now has him on an Indian reservation in Washington state.



FULL STORY:  The children of legendary DJ CASEY KASEM don't know where he is . . . and they got a judge to order an investigation into his whereabouts.



Casey is 82 years old and suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.  He can no longer speak, and his current wife Jean has been moving him to various facilities and keeping his children from seeing him.



Yesterday, Casey's daughter Kerri was appointed her father's temporary caretaker . . . but Jean's attorney told the court he DIDN'T KNOW WHERE CASEY WAS.

   He said Casey had been removed from the country . . . but an attorney for Kerri says the kids believe he's on an Indian reservation in Washington state. 


Details on the arrest of Donovon McNabb

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has been arrested in Arizona on Thursday, according to KTVK-3TV and azfamily.com  in Phoenix. The arrest relates to a “criminal traffic” situation from January, via KTAR.com. McNabb’s trial is set for May 16, 2014, but there are still very few details as to what the actual incident was.

McNabb’s mugshot has been released by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:

During his playing career, McNabb played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. McNabb currently serves as an analyst for “Fox Sports Live” on FOX Sports 1.

McNabb was previously arrested in January, but there is no word on whether or not that is related to today’s news which resulted in the mugshot surfacing.

We will update you with more information on the arrest as soon as it becomes available.


Five Random Facts For Wednesday


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are some random facts for you.  By age 70, your body has shed 105 pounds of skin.  If you took one flight a day, the odds are you wouldn't be in a fatal crash for 55,000 years.  And PABLO ESCOBAR made the first eight "Forbes"billionaire lists . . . right up until he was killed in 1993.



FULL STORY:  Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  By age 70, your body has shed 105 pounds of skin.



2.  40% of people are afraid of flying . . . which might be the most disproportionate fear based on the risk.  If you took one flight a day, the odds are you wouldn't be in a fatal crash for 55,000 years.



3.  The world's shortest commercial flight is between two islands in northern Scotland.  The flight is 1.7 miles and the official time is two minutes . . . but takes closer to 47 seconds.



4.  Beverly Hills was named after Beverly Farms, Massachusetts.  That was named after Beverley, Yorkshire, England.  And that town was named in 700 A.D. because of a colony of beavers.  So Beverly Hills is named after medieval English beavers.



5.  PABLO ESCOBAR was on the first "Forbes" billionaires list in 1987 thanks to the $3 billion he'd made from his cocaine empire.  He also made the list for the next seven years . . . right up until he was killed in 1993.



(How Stuff Works / ABC News / Mental Floss / Amusing Planet / Forbes)

Originally posted on March 26th, 2014



"Whatever" Is the Most Annoying Word or Phrase for the Fifth Year in a Row


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to an annual poll, "WHATEVER" is the most annoying word or phrase for the fifth year in a row.  "Like" was number two, followed by "you know," "just sayin'," and "obviously."



FULL STORY:  If you talk like Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless", just a head's up:  Everyone still hates you.



According to an annual poll, the most annoying word or phrase of the year was the word "whatever."  And I'm pretty sure every word in the top five was ALSO said in that movie.  Here they are.



1.  "Whatever" . . . 38% of us find it annoying, compared to 32% last year.


2.  "Like" . . . 22%.


3.  "You know" . . . 18%.


4.  "Just sayin'" . . . 14%.


5.  "Obviously" . . . which annoys 6% of people, and was the only NEW phrase to make the list this year.  (Last year, number five was "Twitterverse".)



(Marist Poll)








A college student from San Francisco created a t-shirt that's impossible to strain.

The clothing is made from polyester, infused with a combination of chemicals that make it resistant to water. And the material feels the same as any other t-shirt.


The shirts can resist any spills and splashes including Coca-Cola, tomato ketchup, mustard, milkshakes, beer, ink and even red wine.


The shirts are due to go on sale in May and will cost $50.









Google unveiled its 13th annual Zeitgeist, a breakdown of around 1.2 trillion searches.


2013's top question?  "What is twerking?"


The year in search also included the birth of the royal baby, and the death of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.


Snapchat, DOMA, Molly and bitcoin were all terms that popped up regularly in news stories in 2013. Apparently people didn't know what they mean.


Google's top 10 "What" questions from 2013:


What is twerking?

What is ricin?

What is DOMA?

What is Molly?

What is gluten?

What is sequestration?

What is Obamacare?

What is lupus?

What is Snapchat?

What is bitcoin?


Here are the top trending searches in 2013 from around the world:


Nelson Mandela

Paul Walker

iPhone 5S

Cory Monteith

Harlem Shake

Boston Marathon

Royal baby

Samsung Galaxy S4

PlayStation 4

North Korea


Top 10 "How to" questions:


How to tie a tie

How to file

How to get a passport

How to blog

How to knit

How to kiss

How to flirt

How to whistle

How to un-jailbreak

How to Vader


The world's highest trending movies on Google:


Man of Steel

Iron Man 3

World War Z

Despicable Me 2

Chennai Express

Les Miserables

The Conjuring

Spring Breakers




The top trending people on Google were:


Paul Walker

Cory Monteith

Nelson Mandela

Aaron Hernandez

Adrian Peterson

Miley Cyrus

James Gandolfini

Paula Deen

Mindy McCready

Trayvon Martin








1. Snow Globes--Snow globes are dust collectors that serve no useful function. They're a decoration, but how many do you really need? Too many snow globes scattered throughout your home can look like clutter and there are better alternatives.


A better option: A fresh take on a snow globe would be mercury glass votives or ornaments. Mercury glass is trendy right now and gives a festive glow."


2. Fruitcake--Made of candied or dried fruit, nuts and spices and sometimes soaked in spirits, fruitcake is one of the most re-gifted presents each Christmas. There are still some die-hard fruitcake fans, but the younger generations tend to see this as unappetizing and dated.


A better option: A tasty alternative to fruitcake is babkas, a popular Eastern European yeast-leavened cake made of soft brioche-like dough.


3. Christmas Ties--Sure, a man might wear a suit to work each day, but that doesn't mean he enjoys getting holiday ties adorned with reindeer, snowmen and candy canes. Not only are these ties corny, but they can only be enjoyed for a few weeks each year.


A better option: You can still buy the man in your life ties that are unique and playful without being cheesy.


4. Cheap Gift Cards to Expensive Stores--Gift cards can make great gifts, but if you give someone a cheap gift card to a pricey store, it can be more of a hassle than an enjoyable shopping experience.


A better option: If you're going to give someone a gift card, make sure it is for enough money so the recipient can actually buy something useful.


5. Cutesy Pajamas--Many would agree that past the age of seven, cutesy pajamas are just not cool.


A better option: Instead of buying pajamas with cutesy prints, you might want to stick to those with pinstripes, plaid or checkered patterns. Solid-colored pajamas are also a safe bet.


6. Candy Canes--Candy canes may be one of the symbols of Christmas, but does anyone really crave them? These sticky peppermint treats get old quickly and boxes of them pile up in the trash at the end of the holiday season.


A better option: Consider giving your friends and family peppermint bark, a delicious treat that combines regular and white chocolate with peppermint candy bits.


7. Wall Calendars—Wall calendars have been a popular Christmas gift throughout the years. These days, hanging a calendar on the wall seems a bit passé, especially with computerized calendars and scheduling apps for smartphones.


A better option: Get him or her a timepiece. Some interesting ideas include a personalized pocket watch, a personalized photo frame wall clock and a colored iPhone alarm dock that cradles your iPhone and conceals USB wires to transform it into a mid-century modern timepiece.








A Dutch company is moving forward with its plan to send four lucky people to colonize Mars. The catch is you won't ever come back.


More than 200,000 people have signed up to be prospective astronauts. The application period is now closed and by the end of this year, the company will notify the people who made it to Round 2.


The Mars One foundation announced that it has gotten enough funding for an unmanned mission in 2018. It will involve a robotic lander and a communications satellite.


This first mission will show the technology that would be involved in a permanent human settlement on Mars. If all goes well, the first people could land on Mars in 2025.


** After the first humans arrive in 2025, the plan is to send additional crews every two years, Right now, the idea is to send crews of four, but eventually bigger vehicles may be able to transport more people.







An astronaut says people will live on the Moon within 30 to 40-years.


Commander Chris Hadfield of the International Space Station believes humans living on the Moon is the next logical step in exploration.


He says he expects there to be a permanent base on the Moon with people living there in 30 to 40-years. And this will improve access to space exploration.









A new invention turns pants into a drum kit.


DrumPants lets people play music anywhere using wearable sensors that transform a pair of jeans into a drum kit-- or a shirt into a guitar.


The sensor sticks are attached to a control box that lets a person choose from more than 100 sounds including several instruments like the piano.


The kit starts at $89 for six sensors, an app and control box, with a BlueTooth version being offered for $129 and a 12 sensor version for $199.













The yearend lists are starting to drop, with the latest coming from TIME, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly, who announced the best music of 2013.


Check out the lists:


TIME Top 10 Albums of 2013


1. Yeezus – Kanye West

2. Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

3. mbv – My Bloody Valentine

4. Who Is William Onyeabor? – William Onyeabor

5. The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You – Neko Case

6. Electricity by Candlelight – Alex Chilton

7. Cut 4 Me – Kelela

8. The Electric Lady – Janelle Monáe

9. Mole City – Quasi

10. Matangi – M.I.A.


TIME Top 10 Songs of 2013


1. "Get Lucky" – Daft Punk

2. "The Wire" – Haim

3. "Control" – Big Sean feat. Jay Electronica & Kendrick Lamar

4. "Ohm" – Yo La Tengo

5. "I Got a Boy" – Girls' Generation

6. "Cut Copy Me" – Petula Clark

7. "We Can't Stop" – Miley Cyrus

8. "Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)" – David Bowie

9. "Cups" – Anna Kendrick

10. "Royals" – Lorde


Rolling Stone Top 10 Albums of 2013


1. Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

2. Yeezus – Kanye West

3. Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

4. New – Paul McCartney

5. Reflektor – Arcade Fire

6. ...Like Clockwork – Queens of the Stone Age

7. Pure Heroine – Lorde

8. Trouble Will Find Me – The National

9. AM – Arctic Monkeys

10. Wrote a Song For Everyone – John Fogerty


Rolling Stone Top 10 Singles of 2013


1. "Get Lucky" – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell and Nile Rodgers

2. "Royals" – Lorde

3. "Black Skinhead" – Kanye West

4. "Hannah Hunt" – Vampire Weekend

5. "When a Fire Starts to Burn" – Disclosure

6. "Stoned and Starving" – Parquet Courts

7. "Mirrors" – Justin Timberlake

8. "Retrograde" – James Blake

9. "Started From the Bottom" – Drake

10. "Do I Wanna Know?" – Arctic Monkeys


Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Albums of 2013


1. Yeezus – Kanye West

2. Nothing Was the Same – Drake

3. Bangerz – Miley Cyrus

4. Same Trailer Different Park – Kacey Musgraves

5. Kiss Land – The Weeknd

6. Paramore – Paramore

7. Hummingbird – Local Natives

8. My Name Is My Name – Pusha T

9. Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

10. Doris – Earl Sweatshirt


Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Singles of 2013


1. "Get Lucky" – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams

2. "Royals" – Lorde

3. "The Wire" – Haim

4. "Backseat Freestyle" – Kendrick Lamar

5. "Roar" – Katy Perry

6. "Best of Friends" – Palma Violets

7. "Stay" – Rihanna

8. "Cruise (Remix)" – Florida Georgia Line feat. Nelly

9. "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" – David Bowie

10. "When a Fire Starts To Burn" – Disclosure






A former government contractor lost his job after he tried to type "How do I build into controlled airplane", and Google auto-completed it to, "How do I build a radio controlled bomb."


The man said he is innocent and was trying to find out how to make an airplane as a present for his son.


He claims the government started looking into his personal life and information. He said the government also harassed and threatened him which caused him to lose his job.

He is seeking almost $59 million in damages.







TIME editors picked their annual Person of the Year and Pope Francis took home the title.


Pope Francis has a focus on compassion and the poor and has brought a new voice to the Catholic Church. The Pope is in a position of great power as the head of the Catholic Church, but he has been extremely humble - something that is not easy to do in his position of prestige.


Though he doesn't run a nation or have the power to start wars, Pope Francis has made a large impact as a key leader in our world today.


Edward Snowden was another man in the running for the Person of the Year crown for his leaking of the information on the way the NSA watches US citizens.


Freshman Senator Ted Cruz from Texas was also a runner up on this list along with Bashar Assad and Edith Windsor.









You should prioritize a holiday gratuity to the people who walk your dog, cut your hair, and even deliver packages to your front door.


Think about the people who are out of sight and out of mind, like garbage collectors, newspaper deliverers or other people who provide important services you may not be aware of right away. It's not mandatory, but holiday gratuities and gifts show people you appreciate their service and encourages loyalty.


Here are some examples of how you should tip:


1. Au pair, babysitter, nanny


Suggested tip: One week's pay and a gift from your child(ren)--This person works with your family, and you likely know them well. Consider a gift, especially if the person lives with you.


2. Dog walkers and pet groomers


Suggested tip: Dog walker: up to one week's pay/Pet groomer: up to the cost of one session --Experts say you can also give a gift valued at roughly the same amount as the cash tip. Adjust the value of the tip for how frequently you use this person's services. If you visit the pet groomer only a few times a year, the tip can be smaller.


3. Hair stylist or barber


Suggested tip: cost of one visit--Consider cash or a gift "commensurate to their good service." If your stylists and manicurists work miracles, show them you appreciate it.


4. Gardener or landscaper


Suggested tip: varies--If you only have one gardener, then tip the cost of one visit or one week's work. If you have a crew, then $20 to $50 per person should suffice.


5. Housekeeper


Suggested tip: up to one week's pay--You can also divide the tip among a crew if there is more than one person.


6. Personal trainer


Suggested tip: the cost of one session or more--Some people are practically best friends with their trainers. If you have been training with the person for several months and see them at least once a week, consider tipping at least the cost of one session.


7. Package delivery or mail carrier


Suggested tip: small gift, up to $20 in value--The U.S. Postal Service does not allow any kind of cash gift, or any other form of currency. (That includes gift cards!) Most private delivery companies discourage or prohibit cash gifts, so check the policy, or stick with a small gift.


8. Apartment building staff


Suggested tip: $20 to $100 or a gift--If you live in a building with a doorman, don't forget to tip, especially if you receive a lot of packages, order a lot of pizza or have a lot of visitors.


9. Trash and recycling collectors


Suggested tip: $10 to $30 each--Offer a cash tip or gift (for private companies). Check city regulations if it is a municipal service.


10. Children's teacher


Suggested tip: small gift from you and/or your child--Giving cash is not appropriate for teachers (or tutors or coaches, or anyone related to education). But they will all appreciate the gesture of a small, thoughtful gift.


11. Nurse


Suggested tip: a thoughtful gift--These people may know you pretty well. They are often also pretty well paid. Stick with a meaningful gift that shows how much you appreciate their care.










Taking a photo could be causing major damage to your memory.


Researchers asked a group of students to recall what items in a museum looked like.  Those who had taken photos struggled to describe the objects, but those who hadn't remembered them more clearly.


Researchers also found that many people now use the internet in place of a memory. When someone wants to know something now, they use the Internet as an "external memory" just as computers use an external hard drive. We have become so reliant on smartphones and laptops, we go into withdrawal when we can't find out something immediately. This is called the "photo-taking impairment effect."







A Canadian airline spent the past four months putting together its Christmas Miracle stunt, where passengers got to tell Santa Claus what they wanted before catching their flight.


When it got to the end of trip, the item that they wished for was sitting there waiting for them.


The video was uploaded onto YouTube on Sunday, in hopes of reminding people of what the holiday season is all about.


About 150 volunteers were sent out to fill their vehicles full of all the requested presents to get them to the other airport before the passengers landed.

The airline has also promised to give free plane flights to families in need.







A 9-year-old girl showed the true spirit of Christmas when she donated all of her birthday presents to Toys for Tots in Salem, MA


When the girl, who turns 10 on the 23rd, was planning her birthday she wanted to do something different.


She asked everyone coming to bring toys to be donated to the needy instead of birthday presents.


The little girl, who happens to be the young cousin of a local police officer, collected quite a few presents for needy kids.








Friends of a Louisville, KY man who has already been  arrested for 5 DUI's pulled off an elaborate prank when he passed out from drinking: they convinced him he'd woken up from a ten year coma by turning the office into a hospital room.


YouTube prankster Tom Mabe ("MabeInAmerica") used an office mocked up as a hospital room and a team of actors who posed as medical teams to pull it off.

He even screened fake news reports into the room as his friend woke up confused as to how he'd been "out" for ten years.


Actors pretending to be nurses and doctors told him it was 2023 and he had been in an accident 10 years ago after a night of heavy drinking.

Finally a doctor came in to check feeling in his legs and ended up taking his mask off, showing he was Tom Mabe, and yelling at him about having 5 DUI's.

After filming the prank they put it on YouTube hoping to keep other people from driving drunk.










A woman getting off her flight in St. Louis had to give up the small toy gun on her sock monkey after TSA agents thought it was unsafe to take on another flight.

The toy gun is about the length of three quarters.


One of the agents told the woman the cops should be called in that situation, but they were never brought in.


She was not charged.








1. PMS Pam--Her chit chat will include talk of diseases that could strike at any time, children who were poisoned by school lunches, and Botox gone horribly wrong. After a few minutes, you'll be sucked into worry that will have you questioning your safety, your health, and your marriage. Rule of Thumb: Never talk to her alone. It will take another friend to pull you away.


2. Stalky Samantha--Samantha wants your life. She will work her way into plans with you. She'll make sure her kids get close to your kids, sign them up for the same activities, clubs, teams, and classes. She'll call other people to determine where you are at any given time. Her skills include frequent drive-bys, constant contact through scouring pictures and updates on social media, and oddly "running into you"  everywhere. Rule of Thumb: Be careful with this one, we all know how stalker movies turn out.


3. Donna Droner--This chatty chick finds every detail of her stories not only imperative, but scintillating - whether she's describing how she rescheduled her children's annual checkups, or her 39-step trick to get discoloration out of grout. Rule of Thumb: Take a fake call. If you're not holding your phone, pick up anything, hold it to your ear and answer it.


4. Braggy Beth--This gal will make you question whether your child is stupid, lazy, or socially inept. No matter what your kid's accomplishments are, Beth's kids did it better, and did it earlier. Listening to her talk will bring out a shameful side of you that wants to give her kid the finger.  Rule of Thumb: Don't give her kid the finger… kick her in the shin and run.


5. Judgy Julie--This mom is assessing your every move. On play dates, she's estimating how many toys you have in your dining room, the sugar content in your pantry, and when you last dusted your blinds. Her goal is simple: find enough evidence to confirm what she suspected all along: She is better than you. Rule of Thumb: Be careful how much you let Judgy Julie see because she doesn't keep her verdicts to herself.


6. TMI Tammy--Tammy is like a bad Facebook status in the flesh. She feels that the disgusting details of the ooze in her son's ear and the consistency of her daughter's last bowel movement is cool. Rule of Thumb: Stick to "Hi" and "Bye" and NEVER ask how she's doing.


7. Fend For Yourself Fran--Your kid is distracting hers, so she can get a moment of peace, a glass of wine, a few minutes to read "Mommy Porn." She's not concerned with what the kids are doing, as long as they're doing it quietly and far away. You may come to her house to find your child, miserable, hungry, bruised, or locked in a bathroom, which she will have no explanation for. Rule of Thumb: Always have her kid at your house or send yours over to hers with a survival kit.


8. Delusional Denise—She has no clue what her child is REALLY like. She's unaware that her offspring could do any wrong. If confronted, Denise will deny that it was her little angel, she'll explain how it was an accident, or she'll complain that her child always seems to be the scapegoat. Rule of Thumb: Keep yourself your kids and your pets as far away as possible - Denise's kids are the ones who grow up to be serial killers.


9. Know it all Nicole--This mom will advise you how to be a better mom and wife. She'll tell you whether you should or shouldn't vaccinate, how to get whites their whitest, and why you can never go to a drive-thru.


10. Me Me Mimi—"Enough about you, more about Mimi" is her slogan. Rule of Thumb: Avoid this time suck at all costs. Even a nod in her direction opens a door for her to tell you more about herself and her family.








1. Anything knitted by anyone:
…it's impossible to throw out gifts when this much time and effort have been put into them.

2. Family heirlooms:
…the only way to get rid of these is by dying.

3. Especially if that something "survived the war":
…forget about it.

4. Something with a kid's handwriting on it:
…letters don't look cute forever.

5. Handmade art by kids:
…double attachment points.

6. Decorations "that would go so well in your place":
…be prepared to always have that hanging up whenever the gifter visits.

7. A personalized coupon book:
…you have no choice but to spend these or hide them in your sock drawer for a hundred years.

8. Someone's self-portrait:
…throwing it away is like throwing them away. Nope. Keep it forever in a special place under a million stacks of paper on your desk.

…because they are for life and forever adorable.

10. Tattoos:
…as long as you have flesh, this gift is gonna be around.

11. A poem written especially for you.






A college student in California posted an ad on Craigslist asking to rent a family for the holiday season.


The ad reads: "I am looking to rent a mom and dad who can give me attention and make me feel like the light of their life just for a couple of days because I really need it. On the outside, it looks like I'm the American dream kid. But I have a back story that most people wouldn't believe if they looked at me today."


The woman explained she has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused since she was a child. To escape it she spent years living on the streets, which created even more problems.


She wrote: "I was in gang life, on the streets, fighting, doing drugs, just making a mess of my life."


She was eventually arrested for grand theft and after spending almost a year in jail she decided she'd had enough. She went to a camp for troubled young adults. Now she's a presidential scholar at her school with a scholarship and a 4.0 grade point average.


She wrote: "There's still something deep inside of me. There's this void, my biological parents aren't here, and it's kept this hole inside of me. I want to rent a mom and dad."

She explained she'd be willing to pay $8 an hour.


She wrote: "Just to sit, just to listen. Just to cry with me, no strings beyond that. I've never felt the touch of my Mom hugging me and holding me. I don't know what it's like to look in my dad's eyes and feel love instead of hatred."


Dozens of families responded to the ad, all willing to take her in for free.

*** Instead of renting a family, the woman is now creating one. She hopes to organize a gathering of the people that responded to her ad.







A man woke up while on a trip and found the plane cabin to be dark and empty, and all of the doors were locked.


He was coming from Louisiana to California with a layover in Texas, and he didn't wake up when 3 dozen other passengers got off the plane.


He called his girlfriend to tell her that he was trapped in the plane, and she called the airline and had them to rescue him about 30 minutes later.

He ended up staying in a hotel room, compliments of the airline, before flying to California the next day.


United gave him a $250 voucher, and they're looking into the incident to find out how it could have happened.









16-year-old California girl, Rosalee Ramer, is the nation's youngest monster truck driver, and she uses a 10-ton truck to jump over hurdles and crush smaller cars.

She also scored a very impressive 2160 on her SATs.

She says that she started entering competitions at age 14, but crushed her first car - a Ford Taurus - when she was 13.


Her father is also a Monster Truck driver, and she says that learning about the mechanics of her truck has sparked her interest in becoming an engineer.






The man who has been leaving "Tips for Jesus" in the thousands for restaurant servers across the United States has been revealed as a former PayPal executive.

Tech gossip blog Valleywag confirmed Jack Selby is behind the tips that have been made in college towns on football game days, and the @tipsforjesus Instagram account.

Selby is a former PayPal vice president and part of a group called the "PayPal Mafia," because they left the company with massive payouts.


Selby's massive tips include a $10,000 gratuity on a $3,000 booze tab he and his friends racked up and a $1,000 tip left for a server who brought him tacos.

Selby decided to call the project "Tips for Jesus" as a joke, and the tips really have no religious purpose. He hasn't talked to the media yet.








The correct protocol is that bosses should give their employees gifts but employees should not feel obligated to give a gift back.

Still, according to a business etiquette consultant, it can be perfectly appropriate to give a gift to your boss, especially if you consider your boss a friend or you have worked together for a long time.

But it pays to do a little research first, especially if you are new to the company. That's because if you give a gift and everyone else doesn't, you may look like you are trying to curry favor. And if you don't give a gift and everyone else does, you may be embarrassed.

Worse yet, if you do give a gift but it's inappropriate, that's the kind of faux pas that can follow you for years to come.


If you do decide to give your boss a gift, here are some tips:


Don't give anything too personal: Experts say a good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that touches the skin. That means no jewelry, no perfume, no clothing-and definitely no boxers or other intimate apparel.

"Unless you know the person really, really well, I would very much steer clear of gifts that really have a very personal tone".


Don't spend too much, or too little, money: A $2.99 ornament from the drugstore will likely come off as too cheap, but a $100 pen may seem awkwardly extravagant. Experts say the $10-to-$25 range is generally more appropriate for a midlevel manager.


Do consider food or gift cards: A consumable gift like cookies, candy or homemade bread is a nice way to show that you appreciate your boss without breaking the bank. A coffee shop gift card or similar item also is practical and appropriate.


Do consider a group gift: If everyone goes in on one gift, that can spread out the cost and also ensure that everyone in the department is on equal footing with the boss.


Don't generally give alcohol:  Champagne is fine if you know the person well, but in general etiquette experts say that these days some employers might frown on giving alcohol at work, and some bosses may see it as too personal a gift.


Do check on gift policies, especially if you are a vendor or freelancer: One expert recommends checking with the human resources department to see if there is a ban on gifts.


Do consider books or magazine subscriptions-as long as they are appropriate: Reading material is usually a safe bet, especially if it relates to your field. But even such a seemingly mundane gift can turn inappropriate if you're not careful.

"You don't want to give your boss '50 Shades of Grey'".


Don't send a gift to a home address:  To avoid confusion, hand your boss a gift at the office or during your holiday party.

"Never send a boss a gift to their home."






1.  You've maxed out the credit cards and you're the only one who sees the bills every month--Secretly spending and trying to hide the purchases is a big indicator that there's not a lot of trust in your relationship. Try to figure out why you're not disclosing what you buy. Do you feel that your decisions are being ridiculed? Does your husband tend to control the majority of the money or your relationship overall? Or do you have a problem with compulsive spending? Then, come clean. Use this mistake as an opportunity to get on the same page about not just money, but also about how to communicate and stand by your wants and needs.


2. You've been sexually unsatisfied... for a while--Telling your man that you've been faking it would devastate him. Instead, approach him with a new fantasy that you'd like try. It's natural that passion ebbs and flows in a relationship and just because it's on the low-end right now doesn't mean that situation's permanent.


3. Something he said in that last argument really did matter--and you didn't say anything. Now you feel like you've been hiding feelings of resentment--Over time, bottling up your emotions creates resentment, which can lead to feeling angry with your partner. Ultimately, if you don't express yourself, you'll just lash out at each other and say hurtful things that you really don't mean. Start by fessing up to why you're still upset and work to clear the air. Then move on by developing guidelines for how to argue more productively, such as a no-name-calling rule.


4, Something from your past has come to haunt you, and it was so long ago that you never clued him in--Some not-so-classy pictures from a spring-break fling have found their way onto Facebook. Or that time you got arrested in college all of a sudden popped up on a Google search of your name. It's not easy, but it's better to fill your man in before he discovers this stuff on his own. When you don't share your past experiences as they come up, you miss an opportunity to get your partner's support and feel closer.


5. You've started to feel down... way down--Depression interferes with your ability to engage with others and tune into them. It will definitely affect your ability to be a really loving partner. An important step in coming out of depression is connecting with your partner. So tell your man that you've been sinking into a bad place, and that you don't know what to do about it.







There is a new social networking app that outs 'friends' you actually don't like. 

HateWithFriends.com asks users to log in with their Facebook account. It then pulls up a list of their friends and allows them to reveal who they secretly hate by clicking on a button below each face.


If that same person has used the app and the hatred is mutual, the site will inform both parties via email.


The two can then decide if they want to de-friend each other.








There are several apps that can predict what you want before you do, and Google leads the way. 


Google's Now, along with other intelligent personal assistant apps including Osito and Grokr can predict what a user will do next before offering relevant help and information at each step without ever being asked.


The apps use an algorithm that combines with location data, taken from the phone or tablet's GPS unit, as well as posts on social networks, email information and more to make the predictions. 







Miley Cyrus was the most-searched term on Yahoo in 2013.


Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton took the second and third spots among Yahoo's overall top searches, while Barack Obama was Yahoo's most-searched political figure, followed by Nelson Mandela.


Yahoo's top "obsession" in 2013, combining the number of searches with how fast the term rose in popularity, was "Duck Dynasty".


The top "Why" question of the year was "Why only 6 jurors in Zimmerman trial".

(Coming in at No. 4: "Why is the sky blue?")









A new device called "Petchatz" lets owners video chat with their dog or cat from anywhere in the world and even reward them with a treat.


PetChatz claims to be the first-ever videophone of its kind and comes with a color camera so that pets and owners can see each other.


It also lets owners video chat with their dog or cat from anywhere in the world using their computer or smartphone, and remotely give them a treat.


The device is then connected to a Wi-Fi network, and it's filled with low calorie treats and 'scentz pads' that have a calming effect.


A special ringtone tells pets their owner is calling so they can be trained to run to the video phone.


The device costs about $350 right now, and is expected to be available in early 2014.









Officials in Orange County, California made an entire street in Trabuco Canyon take down its Christmas decorations. 


Some 15-20 homeowners on the street received letters informing them that the lights which are anchored on multiple houses and suspended overhead are an obstruction and a violation of the county code.


The county officials ordered the homeowners to remove the elaborate display -- even though the display had been up on the street the past five holidays.  

The officials say they worried that the lights aren't strung up strong enough and that a storm could potentially bring them down and electrocute someone.







A man using the handle Tips4jesus is going across the country tipping servers anywhere between $500 to $10,000.


There is an instagram page "Tips4jesus bar" where several photos have been posted with receipts from servers showing off the tips. The tag-line for the page is, "doing the lord's work one tip at a time."


The man and several of his friends have been described as friendly, polite, nice and a pleasure to serve. All the tips have cleared even one that was for $10,000. At first that tip wasn't cleared for fear of fraud, but the man took care of the matter and it was eventually cleared.


People in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois have been on the receiving end of the large tips. 





Singer Rita Ora has been cast to play Christian Grey's adopted sister, Mia, in "Fifty Shades of Grey."


Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Luke Grimes, Eloise Mumford and Jennifer Ehle are also in the cast.


The movie follows the relationship of 27-year-old billionaire Grey and a college student..






Some online comments:

"Wtf?? Mia is caucasian and she is described as tall in the books. Her and Mrs. R and the only 2 described as tall and Rita is only 5'5"! Dakota and Eloise are both taller than her and their respective characters are supposed to be more petite. Rita looks nothing like Mia even with raven hair. This is such a joke! Is this team incompetent or something? What a joke this has become."

"Not at all how I pictured CG sister to be. Poor casting choice again...I bet Charlie is so glad he stepped away from this movie."

"This is a joke, right! This casting is the worst yet. Congratulations...you have managed to do something I didn't think possible....making me not even remotely excited for this movie. This news is the proverbial nail....








A working replica of the Batmobile from the 1960s Adam West TV series "Batman" is available from Hammacher Schlemmer.


The "Authentic 1966 Batmobile" is described as being an "officially licensed, roadworthy replica of the Batmobile featured in the iconic 1960s TV show," with "a glowing detect-a-scope screen, a Batbeam ray that raises from a hood-mounted antenna, and empty rear parachute packs."


Although it lacks the atomic batteries or turbines for speed, there is a propane tank at the back to create the familiar flame effect . And it also has something the original Batmobile lacked: clip-on side mirrors to make the car street-legal. (There's also a rear-view camera to help you park when the car isn't hidden away in your own personal Batcave.)


BAT PRICE:  $200,000.


OR.... If you're looking for something a little cheaper, there's always the life-size replica Iron Man armor. COST: $8999.99.





According to a survey by Urban Sitter, more than 50 per cent of parents will spend more than $100 per child for Christmas.

** 21 per cent cent of parents will spend between $200 and $500 per child.

18 per cent will spend less than $50 on each child, 32 per cent of parents will spend between $100 and $200, and three per cent of parents will spend over $500.
Nanny and babysitters are set to receieve generous holiday bonuses as well.

From money to gift cards, the majority of parents will spent one week's pay on their children's full-time caregivers.
Babysitters meanwhile are set to get tipped higher than usual. Forty per cent of parents said they will tip their babysitter during the holidays.

And while parties make up 70 per cent of why parents hire babysitters during December, just 15 per cent said they will book a babysitter for New Years Eve.

That might have something to do with a higher pay rate. Forty-two per cent of babysitters admitted to charging 1.5 times their normal rate, with 30 per cent charging double their moral rate on New Years Eve.









A black girl attending a private school in Florida was told to change her hair's naturally "puffy" style or ... be expelled.


The 12-year-old was told by administrators she had this week to decide whether to tame her large hair or leave the school because it violates a policy against "distracting" hair styles.


Her mother said her daughter's hair has been the same all school year but was only brought up by administrators after she complained some children were teasing or bullying her daughter over the hair style.


The girl said she's aware her hair prevents her from having the look other students have but she's happy with her style.


The school's dress code states: "Hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction."


The family hasn't decided what to do next.








A Tennessee web developer has shown how to make a gun out of items that can be bought in airport retail stores.


The man was able to make a gun by combining a hair dryer, fridge magnet clip, 9x9v batteries, a hair band, magazines or tape and an Axe Body Spray stuffed inside a Red Bull can.


He put coins in the bottle of body spray and when mixed with water and the batteries it can create enough heat to make the gun fire. The man says he created these to show airports haven't done enough to stop a terrorist threat.


He has also made a crossbow, blowgun and a spiked club.


The guy warns: 'If we're trying stop a terrorist threat at the airport, it's already too late.'


Source with Video




Miley Cyrus 21st birthday bash included booze, celebrities and strippers.


Miley partied at Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. on Sunday night, after the American Music Awards.




RELATED: $100K Worth Of Stuff Stolen From Miley's Place


$100,000 worth of items were stolen, including jewelry and several high-end purses.

The burglary occurred Friday afternoon.  Sources say there were no signs of forced entry, but there were numerous surveillance cameras so cops may have some leads.

Miley was not home at the time.






Poodle: Very aware of appearance and spends hours in the mirror primping. A bit stand-offish, yet highly excitable and prone to drama. The Poodle's pet parent usually drives a Volvo.


Yorkie: Wealthy and attention-loving despite initial protests. Only carries designer purses, price is no object for what she wants. This pet parent rolls around in style in her BMW.


Golden Retriever: Helpful and giving in relationships. Loyal to the ends of the earth and fun loving. Loves hiking, biking and all outdoor activity. The pet parent of the Golden Retriever usually drives a SUV.


Afghan Hound: Takes a lot of pride in her hair; is very loyal to her stylist. Soulful, perceptive, and intuitive. Speaks with her eyes.


Dachshund: Quirky and unconventional. Can't resist those who appreciate her uniqueness. Staying true to her distinctive personality, this pet parent has a vintage car.

Bloodhound: Introverted and insightful. Laid back and goes with the flow. Will help friends stay focused on a problem until an answer is found.

German Shepherd: Disciplined and believes in following the rules. Can be harsh when crossed. Speaks her mind.


Beagle: Pleasant disposition. Open to others' opinions and beliefs. Unable to tolerate being emotionally hurt by friends. Sometimes confused and in need of guidance.

Boxer: Proud and sure of herself. Fights for what she believes in and will not be bullied. Goes to bat for friends and family.


Bulldog: Stubborn, confident, and embracing of her own and others' imperfections. Tells it like it is and lets it all hang out. The pet parent of the Bulldog usually drives a Volkswagen Beetle.


Shih Tzu: Prissy and likes to be noticed for her cuteness. Usually the life of the party. All eyes are on her.







A woman in Louisiana who found $223,600 that fell out of an armored truck returned it.


The bag fell out of the truck and contained $20 and $100 bills when it was found by the woman who is a cop.


The woman, and her supervisor, held onto the money until the truck came back to pick it up. Turns out it was casino money.







Gillette is auctioning off two hair balls of Boston Red Sox players… one that it shaved off World Series MVP David Ortiz and the other from Shane Victorino.


The beard hair comes in a case along with the razor that shaved it and an autograph of Ortiz and Victorino.

All proceeds will go to Movember, a men's health charity that encourages men to grow mustaches this month.

The auction closes November 30th and the bid for Ortiz is already over $3,500 while the bid for Victorino is over $1,500.









A new candle smells like fried chicken.


The fried chicken candle (from Kentucky for Kentucky) is made from real fried chicken and all-natural soy wax that smells just like the KFC. 

The other candles in the collection meant to promote the state are made to smell like Kentucky's official soft drink Ale 8 and the Kentucky Derby.



A woman in New York got a piece of platinum jewelry inserted in her eye to set herself apart from the crowd.

The woman got a heart-shaped sequin, measuring 3.5mm, placed on the white of her of right eye ball.

She paid $3,000 for the one minute-long procedure.

She said she got it for a conversation maker and it will be her unique factor.


 Miley Cyrus reportedly took the stage at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta on Sept. 29 and made a shocking announcement — that she’s expecting a baby with rapper Juicy J! Her announcement shocked the award show audience — what do YOU think?

Miley Cyrus Announces Pregnancy With Rapper Juicy J

Juicy J is featured on Miley and Mike WiLL Made It’s new track, ’23,’ but the pair have been hanging out a lot.

“I assure you she’s been doing a lot more than twerking,” Juicy J, 38, reportedly said on the awards show stage, according to CreamBMP.com. The site reported that Miley, 20, then blurted out that she’s pregnant!

The crowd at the BET Hip Hop Awards reportedly reacted to the statement as a joke, laughing it off until Miley  followed up: “No, I’m really pregnant!”

The site reports that even Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus took the stage to say that his little girl “really broke my achy breaky heart” with her news, referencing his own hit song.

The awards show will be televised on October 15, but Miley already spoke out about what she thinks!






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Musical and spoken word performances, including open mic and featured performers, are presented at the Alexandria Museum of Art, promoting the art of spoken word and self-expression, as well as creating opportunities for poets.

Hosted by accomplished slam poet and Alexandria native Sha’Condria “iCon” Sibley.

Free for AMoA Members; $4 for non-members

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General admission: $15.00 Seniors (60+): $12.00 Students: $7.00 Groups of 10+: $10.00


Back To School Concert with Taylor Mathews & Michelle Willis

Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center
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Saturday August 1st

3:00PM - 5:00PM

Back To School Concert featuring America's Got Talent Top Ten Finalist (and Cenla native), Taylor Mathews and rising Nashville star, Michelle Willis.  To benefit the pediatric arts programs of Arts & Healthcare, Inc.  Taylor and Michelle will have CDs available and will sign autographs after the show.  A fun event for the whole family.

St Jude Back to School Jamfest

77 Long Leaf Rd
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5:00PM - 11:00PM

Join us Saturday, August 1st for the 1st Annual St Jude Back to School JamFest! Held at the Southern Forest Heritage Museum with music from new country artist Brandon Holland and Nashville raising star Erica Nicole Music! It will be an afternoon of fun for the entire family and it's absolutely FREE for everyone!



National Night Out Block Parties

August 4th

Alexandria Garden District
Alexandria, LA

6:00PM - 9:00PM

National Night Out is being held on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, an annual nationwide event designed to strengthen relationships in your neighborhoods, raise crime prevention awareness, and continue relationships with public safety officials and between neighbors.


Visitor Appreciation Day

Alexandria Zoological Park
3016 Masonic Drive
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Saturday August 8th

9:00AM - 4:00PM

Admission: Free

Get up, get out, and come play at the Alexandria Zoo on this day filled with music, activities, animals and fun.


Susan G. Komen and Cleco are teaming up to Tee Off for a Cure by hosting the Cleco/Komen Golf Tournament Friday, Sept. 18, 2015. Check-in begins at 10:30 a.m. with a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m. The tournament will be held at Oakwing Golf Club.

For those interested in becoming a sponsor or playing in the tournament, please contact Cindy Perdue or Terry Taylor with Cleco at 318-484-7400.








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Ticketmaster - Local Shows



Hillsong United

July 29th

New Orleans

Smoothie King Center



August 8th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


The Midtown Men

August 15th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino



August 16th

New Orleans

Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square


Gary Allan

August 21st

Kinder, LA

Coushatta Casino


The Fixx

August 22nd

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


KC & The Sunshine Band

August 22nd

Vinton, LA

Delta Downs Casino


Eddy Raven

August 22nd

Opelousas, LA

Evangeline Race Track

Collective Soul

August 22

Charenton, LA

Cypress Bayou Casino


Boyz II Men

August 29th

Biloxi, MS

IP Casino


Mötley Crüe: The Final Tour "All Bad Things Must Come To An End

September 4th

New Orleans

Smoothy Kings Center


Clint Black

September 5th

Shreveport, LA

Sam's Town Casino


Charlie Pride

September 19th

Bossier City

Horseshoe Casino


Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

October 2nd

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


Jackson Browne

October 10th

New Orleans

Saenger Theater


Ariana Grande

October 9th

New Orleans

Smoothie King Center


Better Than Ezra

October 16th

Baton Rouge

L'Auberge Casino


Josh Groban

October 21st

New Orleans

Saenger Theater


Sesame Street Live

Make A New Friend

November 6th

New Orleans

UNO Lakefront Arena


Aaron Neville

December 4th

Baton Rouge

L'Auberge Casino








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