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Taylor Swift's Management Company Named in Lawsuit Over Her Transportation Needs

ABC/Richard Harbaugh(NEW YORK) -- Taylor Swift's management company is the target of a lawsuit from a company that claims it arranged for Taylor to be driven around New York City this past summer, but then had its contract canceled after being hit with complaints that her alleged demands weren't being met.

The New York Post reports that in its complaint, APG Security claims that it was hired as a contractor by Firefly Entertainment, Taylor's management company, to arrange for cars and drivers to ferry Taylor and her entourage around Manhattan in June.  But a month into the job, Firefly's director of security told APG that there were "issues" that the contractor was told to "‘remedy as soon as possible."

According to APG security, the "issues" included what kind of food and supplies the vehicles were supposed to be stocked with when Taylor was in them, and "under what circumstances" the drivers were allowed to speak to her.

The next day, APG claims, Taylor requested two additional SUVs in addition to the one that was already being used for her transportation needs.  The extra vehicles cost APG $2,000 per month, claims the suit, but then Firefly abruptly canceled the contract on July 22 -- leaving APG stuck with that bill.

According to the Post, Taylor's reps have yet to comment on the suit.

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Robin Williams Autopsy Results Delayed One Month

ABC/Randy Holmes(MARIN COUNTY, Calif.) -- The results of an autopsy conducted on late comedian and actor Robin Williams have been delayed, and may not be completed for another month.

The Office of the Marin County Counsel said on Tuesday that while the results were initially estimated for completion on Sept. 30, the Coroner's Office "is waiting for the scientific testing and analysis to be completed." The new estimated completion date is Nov. 3.

Williams, 63, apparently hanged himself on Aug. 11. His wife said that he had been battling depression and the early stages of Parkinson's disease.

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Tracy Morgan Responds After Wal-Mart Blames Him for Injuries

Virginia Sherwood/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Tracy Morgan is speaking out one day after Wal-Mart blamed the comedian and his fellow passengers for their injuries in the fatal June crash on the New Jersey Turnpike involving one of its drivers.

In a formal response to a suit brought against the retailer, Wal-Mart said the passengers should've been wearing seat belts when the car they were riding in was struck by a Wal-Mart truck.

In a statement to ABC News, the 30 Rock star said, "After I heard what Wal-Mart said in court I felt I had to speak out. I can't believe Wal-Mart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing nothing wrong. I want to thank my fans for sticking with me during this difficult time. I love you all. I'm fighting hard every day to get back."

In court papers Monday, Wal-Mart broadly denied allegations of recklessness and negligence when the vehicle Morgan and his friends were riding in was struck by Wal-Mart truck driver Kevin Roper’s rig, and said the plaintiffs’ injuries were caused “by failure to wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device.”

Had Morgan and the others been wearing seat belts, Wal-Mart said, “all or a portion of the injuries could have been diminished or minimized.”

Morgan was seriously injured in the crash. He suffered a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs, among other injuries. His friend, comedian James McNair, died.

Wal-Mart declined to answer a specific allegation that its driver, Roper, was fatigued, because the company is also involved in the National Transportation Safety Board investigation.

An attorney for Morgan and the other plaintiffs who brought the lawsuit called Wal-Mart's argument "surprising and appalling."

In a new statement, the retail chain said Tuesday, “Walmart is committed to working to resolve all of the remaining issues as a result of the accident. As part of the ordinary course of legal proceedings, Walmart filed an initial response yesterday to the lawsuit that included facts and defenses that may impact the case moving forward.  While we were required to respond to the lawsuit, we have also taken steps to encourage settlement discussions. Our thoughts continue to go out to everyone involved, and we remain committed to doing what’s right.”

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Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps 'Deeply Sorry' After DUI Arrest

Chris Hyde/Getty Images(BALTIMORE) -- Olympic legend Michael Phelps said he was "deeply sorry" after authorities arrested him early Tuesday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence in Maryland.

"I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility," Phelps tweeted and said in a prepared statement released through his agent. "I know these words may not mean much right now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down."

The gold medalist was pulled over in his white Land Rover by police at 1:40 a.m., originally for speeding, police told ABC News.

Phelps, 29, was going 84 mph in a 45 mph zone and was also seen crossing double lane lines, police said.

The officers realized he was intoxicated and gave him a field sobriety test, authorities said.

"Mr. Phelps was identified as the driver by his driver’s license and appeared to be under the influence. He was unable to perform satisfactorily a series of standard field sobriety tests," a spokesperson for Maryland Transportation Authority told ABC.

Phelps has been charged with speeding, DUI and crossing double lane lines, police said. He has since been released, they added.

This is the athlete's second DUI arrest. He was arrested in 2004, also in his native Maryland. He pleaded guilty to that arrest and got 18 months probation.

Phelps is one of the most notable Olympians ever, winning 22 total medals -- 18 of which are gold. He won his first Olympic gold in Athens in 2004 and competed recently in the 2012 London Games.

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'Heartbroken' Nicole Kidman Speaks Out About Father's Death

Brad Barket/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Actress Nicole Kidman is still grieving the loss of her father Antony earlier this month at the age of 75.

Kidman, 47, and her husband, Keith Urban, released a joint statement on Facebook Tuesday.

"We would just like to thank everyone for their love and prayers over these past couple of weeks," the couple wrote. "We are all heartbroken but knowing we are in the hearts and thoughts of others is so comforting. Sending love, Nic and Keith xx."

The cause of Antony Kidman's death has not been revealed by authorities, but the clinical psychologist was confirmed to be in Singapore, visiting family, when it was announced on Sept. 12 that he had died.

“Nicole and her family are in shock by the sudden death of her father," a statement from Nicole Kidman's rep said at the time of her father's death.

Additionally, Urban canceled a charity event after he heard the news of his father-in-law's death and jumped on a jet from California to get to his and Kidman's home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Alfonso Ribeiro Has Lost 17 Pounds on "Dancing with the Stars"

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) -- Alfonso Ribeiro is already making his mark as a front runner on Dancing with the Stars. The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, 43, has good reason for his early success -- he's practicing eight hours a day.

"I'm doing four, five hours at the studio, then I come home and work for three or four hours on the dances myself, just kind of get it into my body," he told ABC News. "It's really, really, really difficult. People seem to think I'm this professional dancer and that's so not the case. I've only done tap dancing before."

He continued, "All of this is brand new. Like this week we are doing the quick step...It's been a tough, tough journey. But every day we go into it saying, 'Let's do the best we can today' and hope that keeps us near the top."

Ribeiro said the first week where his dance floored the judges was the easiest because he had three weeks to prepare; now he only has four days a week to get ready.

"It's so hard, but it's a lot of fun and I'm having a blast. I've got the best partner in Witney Carson, she's just amazing. We are having a blast with it," he said.

Ribeiro is not only having fun, he is also seeing immediate physical benefits from his rigorous dance schedule.

"I've already lost 17 pounds," he revealed. "There's been a lot of change."

Ribeiro said his wife Angela Unkrich and family are partially to thank for the change.

"Well, we work hard as a team," he added. "She's been supporting me and making sure I'm eating all the best stuff at home. That is where my family has been so supportive. They understand how important this is to me and obviously my wife knows how hard I like to work. she totally gets it."

With an almost 1-year-old son -- Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro, Jr., who was born last October -- at home, the TV star said he still does get to see who matters most to him.

"I do get my time in the morning with them and a little time in the evening," he said.

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"The Leftovers" Star Liv Tyler Is Pregnant

Paul Schiraldi/HBO(LOS ANGELES) -- The Leftovers star Liv Tyler is pregnant with her second child.

The Armageddon actress, 37, and David Gardner have been dating since earlier this year and are “thrilled with the news,” People magazine reported.

This new baby will be Tyler's second. She is already mom to Milo, 9, from a previous relationship. Gardner also has a son, Gray, from a previous relationship.

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"Selfie," "Manhattan Love Story" Premiere Tuesday Night on ABC

ABC/Eric McCandless(NEW YORK) -- Two new ABC comedies premiere Tuesday night: Selfie and Manhattan Love Story.

is a twist on the classic My Fair Lady story, but in this case, we get an uptight marketing genius named Henry Higgs, trying to "make over" an obnoxious social media addict named Eliza Dooley, and turn her into a person who actually cares about people in real life.

Henry is played by John Cho, of Harold & Kumar, Sleepy Hollow and Star Trek fame -- he plays Mr. Sulu in the rebooted films.  Eliza is played by Scottish actress Karen Gillan, best known in the U.S. for playing Amy Pond on Doctor Who and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gillan started out doing sketch comedy in the U.K., but in the U.S., she's better known for sci-fi, so, she tells ABC News Radio, "To return to that was really exciting, especially in this country, where I think you make the best comedy."  She uses an American accent to play Eliza, and is pretty much flawless, though she admits that she'll occasionally ask Cho to say a certain word so she's sure how to pronounce it American-style.

As for Cho, his part was originally envisioned for a British actor to play, and he considers the fact that he ended up with it to be a "personal revolution."  Why?  The Korean actor explains that during a Q&A with TV critics, "Karen had, like, seven questions about her being Scottish, and I came off the stage and I was like, 'I went through a 45-minute panel, and we didn't talk about my race at all,' which was, like, so awesome to me, and the absence of those questions was, to me, the revolution."

In the first episode, we see Gillan's super-obnoxious and shallow Eliza making a lot of progress as she tries to wean herself from her social media addiction. But according to Gillan, she's got a long road to go, and Cho's Henry is a big part of it. 

"We realize, quite quickly, that Henry needs Eliza just as much as she needs him, and they can learn a lot from each other," she tells ABC News Radio. "And also, I mean, this is the story of an addict, essentially, at its core. And that means there's going to be, like, a lot of, you know, one step forward and two steps back. So it's not going to be easy."

Selfie premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

Afterward, ABC debuts another new comedy, Manhattan Love Story. It follows the ups and downs of a New York romance between Dana and Peter, played by Crazy, Stupid, Love actress Analeigh Tipton and Greek actor Jake McDorman, respectively. The twist is that viewers will be able to hear the characters' inner thoughts -- and, as a result, what each really thinks of the other.

Veteran character actor Kurt Fuller, whom you'd recognize from his roles in various projects like the film Midnight in Paris and ABC's Scandal, plays Peter's dad, William. He says of Peter, "He’s a big, you know, 'I know everything, I can do everything, I’m the best,' just like me.  We all sort of find out that...maybe we didn’t know so much. And that’s one of the things I actually love about the show."

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"People" Magazine Publishes Clooney Wedding Pics

Robino Salvatore/GC Images(NEW YORK) -- While George Clooney and new wife Amal Alamuddin bask in newly-wedded bliss, the details of their lavish, star-studded, Venice-set nuptials can now be peeked at by the little people, thanks to a spread in People magazine.  

The pair officially sealed the deal Monday with a short civil ceremony, which followed a Saturday wedding befitting Hollywood royalty.

The magazine's latest issue boasts 25 exclusive photos of and surrounding the event, which was held at Italy's historic Aman Canal Grande Venice hotel.

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

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Wal-Mart Blames Tracy Morgan After Fatal Crash

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- Wal-Mart is pointing fingers, saying Tracy Morgan and his fellow passengers should've worn seatbelts, in a formal response to the lawsuit over the June crash on the New Jersey Turnpike involving one of its drivers.

In court papers, Wal-Mart broadly denied allegations of recklessness and negligence when the vehicle Morgan and his friends were riding in was struck by Wal-Mart truck driver Kevin Roper’s rig and said the plaintiffs’ injuries were caused “by failure to wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device.”

Had Morgan and the others been wearing seatbelts Wal-Mart said, “all or a portion of the injuries could have been diminished or minimized.”

Morgan was seriously injured in the crash. He suffered a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs, among other injuries. His friend, comedian James McNair, died.

Wal-Mart declined to answer a specific allegation that its driver, Roper, was fatigued. The company said it can’t because it’s also involved in the National Transportation Safety Board investigation.

But Wal-Mart did say, “the plaintiffs’ alleged damages may have been caused by third parties over whom Wal-Mart had no control.”

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

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Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend Responds After Enduring Racism Online

Photo by Alo Ceballos/GC Images(NEW YORK) -- Earlier this month, news broke that Robert Pattinson has a new flame -- FKA Twigs. The British singer says that since being tied to the Twilight actor, she's endured tons of racism online.

"I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week," the singer, whose birth name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, tweeted.

"Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it's unacceptable online," she continued.

According to US Weekly, FKA is half-Jamaican and half-Spanish. She's been public about her relationship with Pattinson since early September.

Pattinson romantic relationship with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart ended after Stewart was caught cheating on him in 2012 with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Since then, Pattinson has been romantically linked to model Imogen Kerr and Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

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Reese Witherspoon Says She Wanted to Be 'Raw' in "Wild"

ABC/Image Group LA(NEW YORK) -- Reese Witherspoon is ready to walk on the wild side. And since she figured no studio would want to cast her as a woman dealing with drug addiction and reckless behavior, she decided to produce her new film, Wild, herself. The actress' own production company adapted Cheryl Strayed's novel, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, for the big screen.

"I just didn’t want to hear, 'Oh, we don’t want to see Reese have sex....Oh, can we not have any profanity?'' Witherspoon told Vogue of why she produced the film. "I wanted it to be truthful, I wanted it to be raw, I wanted it to be real."

After being portrayed largely as the girl next door, Witherspoon wants to challenge herself to be even more real, even if no one believes she can do it.

"When people underestimate me, it's actually a comfortable place for me," she explained. "'Oh, that's what you think I am; well, no, I'm not.' I'm a complex human being. I have many different shades."

So how did Witherspoon portray a character who looks like she does heroin and has a string of one-night stands? The actress said she did draw some inspiration from her own life.

"Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but I think there’s a general sense now that I’ve lived a pretty textured life. So many of the things that Cheryl goes through in the book I’ve been through, you know? I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced," she explained in the magazine. "I haven’t lost my mother, but my mother’s mother died in a very similar way, of an aneurysm very suddenly."

"Cheryl has this idea that the things that have happened to you are part of you. There’s something really beautiful about that idea," Witherspoon continued. "I’m not sure I agree with her about everything. Someone might say, 'I was raped. Is that a part of me? Am I supposed to accept that?' That’s her perspective."

Wild will hit theaters on Dec. 5.

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Brad Pitt Says Marriage to Angelina Jolie Is More Than 'Just a Title'

ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) -- Now that he’s a married man, Brad Pitt seems to be relishing his new role as husband.

“I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title. There’s more to it than that,” the actor told the November issue of British GQ.

Pitt tied the knot last month with his longtime partner, Angelina Jolie in an ultra-private ceremony at their home, Chateau Miraval in Correns, France. The intimate wedding, attended only by family and friends, featured their six children.

Though Pitt reportedly missed out on the wedding of his close pal, George Clooney, who married lawyer Amal Alamuddin, in Venice, Italy, on Saturday, he still gushed about his good friend to GQ.

Responding to Clooney’s previous description of the very private Pitt as “unreachable,” the World War Z actor joked, “Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives. He’s funny as s***. He’s a joy to be around.”

In contrast, Pitt said, laughing, “I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable bastard. I’m a bit of a loner, you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from, you know, hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.”

That reserve extends to his work on the screen. These days, Pitt is more likely to say no than yes to work. “I’m actually very snobbish about directors. I have to say no all the time,” he told the magazine. “‘No’ is the most powerful word in our business. You’ve got to protect yourself. …To leave home, it’s got to be worth leaving. It’s got to be worth it.”

The actor admitted, “I’ve been slowing down for a while now. And slowly transitioning to other things. And, truthfully, I do want to spend more time with my kids before they’re grown up and gone.”

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"Black-ish" Star Anthony Anderson Credits 'Vegan-ish' Choices for 47-Pound Weight Loss

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- Anthony Anderson, the star of the new ABC series Black-ish, credits “healthier choices” for his stunning 47-pound weight loss.

The 44-year-old actor and self-described “husky” man said he never had a problem with his size, even at his heaviest weight of 270 pounds.

“I’ve always been confident,” he told People.

But, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 13 years ago, he started making small changes to his diet.

“I started eating healthier and in moderation, but I was still sort of eating the same stuff that I’d been eating all my life,” he told the magazine.

That changed in 2008 when he was cast in Law & Order.

“I decided to make a drastic change,” Anderson said. “I got more serious about my health and appearance – not from a vanity standpoint. I just started making healthier choices.”

He upped his game again before starting Black-ish.

“Six weeks ago, I moved to a plant-based diet, he told People. “I’m vegan-ish – I’m not going to send anything back to the kitchen if some butter or cream found its way onto the plate.”

Though the father of two doesn’t plan to be vegan-ish forever, he likes the results he’s seen so far.

“This is what I’m supposed to look like,”  he said.

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Ben Affleck Reveals How Much the Batsuit Cost for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Warner Bros.(NEW YORK) -- Like most people would be, Ben Affleck was pretty impressed with his batsuit.

However, even he couldn't convince the powers that be to let him keep it.

"I asked them, 'So, how about maybe taking the suit home at the end of this thing?'" the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star said during a visit to Live with Kelly and Michael. "They were like, 'For $100,000 we could!'"

Affleck, 42, explained that "a lot goes into it," which is why it's such a pricey item. In fact, because every element of the film is meant to be perfect, the actor explained that it's forced him to hit the gym a little more often than usual.

"Audiences have an increasing expectation," he said. "You see guys like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all these guys whose bodies are just like, you think, 'How is that even possible?!' So, exercising is as much of the job now in some ways as the rest of it."

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Join  the Arts Council of Central Louisiana on Thursday, October 2nd for Abendmusik Alexandria’s Folk-Tale and Fauré.

Pianist Elena Bogaczova joins RSO cellist Paul Christopher for a program that includes Folk-Tale by Arnold Bax, Glissées for solo cello by Isang Yun, and the Second Cello Sonata by Gabriel Fauré.

The doors will open at 5:30 PM, and the concert will begin at 6:00 PM in the Hearn Stage of the Kress Theatre in Alexandria’s Cultural Arts District. There will be a cash bar and appetizer plates from the Diamond Grill available for $5.

General Admission $10

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The 2nd Annual Alexandria Lions Club Garage Sale. October 4. 7:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.

Dunbar Plaza Parking Lot on Parliament Drive. Clothes, furniture, books, dishes, etc.


UMW Fall Festival

1st United Methodist Church

Of Pineville

Saturday October 4th from 9a to 1p

30 Booth of Handmade Arts & Crafts for Sale Along With a BBQ Lunch, Food Booths & the Pumpkin Patch

Public is Invited. Call 640-1050 For Info.

The Running Man Dash

Saturday October 4th


The Running Man Dash is an annual fun run and walk put on by Anytime Fitness to promote staying active in Cenla. The fun run/walk will be held in honor of Maddie Norris and to help build awareness about her disability. It will have obstacles including a colored chalk station, and a Slip-N-Slide. The event will be fun for all ages. We encourage you to make teams, come up with fun team names, and wear costumes. The Running Man Dash will be held at beautiful Buhlow Recreation Area. All proceeds from the race will be donated to United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Help us build awareness about cerebral palsy by participating, or making a donation




1115 Texas Avenue
Alexandria, LA


9AM - 4PM 




Ticketmaster - Local Shows



Katy Perry

October 8th

New Orleans

Smoothy King Ctr


Girls Night Out!

October 10th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


October 10 - October 11

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino

Tickets Friday $25, Saturday, $45 or 2 day ticket special $60

Friday, October 10 - Doors open at 6PM, Show Time 7PM
Opening band to be announced, then Trixter, Firehouse, and Winger, hosted by Eddie Trunk

Saturday, October 11 - Doors open at 1PM, Show Time 2PM
Opening band to be announced, then Steelheart, Lita Ford, Warrant, Dokken and Dee Snider, hosted by Eddie Trunk


Ana Popovic

October 18th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


Molly Ringwold's

Halloween Bash

October 24th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


Sesame Street

Make A Friend

October 24th

Lafayette, LA

Cajun Dome


Gabriel Iglesias

October 25th

Kinder, LA

Coustatta Casino


Kenny Logons

October 25th

Vinton, LA

Delta Downs Casino


Aaron Lewis

November 1st

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino


Sesame Street

Make A Friend

November 8th

New Orleans, LA

UNO Lakefront


Charlie Pride

November 14th

Marksville, LA

Paragon Casino



November 15th

Bossier City, LA

Century Link Center


November 16th

New Orleans

Saenger Theater




The Big Noise

November 22nd

Baton Rouge

L'Auberge Casino


Mamma Mia

January 17th, 2015

New Orleans

Saenger Theater


Celtic Thunder Symphony

February 14th, 2015

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