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Maggie Smith Says 6th Season of "Downton Abbey" Should Be 'Last One'

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Maggie Smith just celebrated her 80th birthday, but says she'll keep working in television and film as long as physically possible.

“When you’re not working it’s scary, and when you are working it’s scary, because you don’t know if you’ve got the energy to get through the day. But the bleakness of not doing it, and missing out on the friendships that you make, is too much to bear," she told U.K.'s The Sunday Times.

In fact, Smith just started filming the sixth season of her hit show Downton Abbey, but admits this is probably the last season -- at least for her.

“They say this is the last one, and I can’t see how it could go on,” Smith added. “I mean, I certainly can’t keep going. To my knowledge, I must be 110 by now. We’re into the late 1920s.”

One drawback from this huge show has been that Smith now has to deal with real celebrity.

"What’s sad is I’ve gone through my whole life without any of that. I could go round galleries and things on my own and I just can’t do it now. If someone decides to get at you, you can’t get away," she added. “What’s awful is it used to be just autographs, but now everyone wants photographs. You begin to feel like all those people who believed photographs took the soul away. There’s nothing like privacy, but nobody will have that soon. Nobody’s private anymore.”

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More 'Vulnerable' Bethenny Frankel Returns to "Real Housewives of New York"

Mathieu Young/Bravo(NEW YORK) -- After a three-season hiatus, Bethenny Frankel is coming back to Real Housewives of New York, but from the looks of the season 7 trailer, she's a little more humbled.

"It's like starting over," Frankel tells her therapist in a teaser for the new season, posted exclusively by Us Weekly. "Failed talk show, failed marriage."

Frankel is returning to the show that first made her a star, after starring in her own reality show spin-off, in which she married Jason Hoppy and had a baby daughter, and hosting her eponymous talk show, which was canceled in February of 2014, after less than a year.

Since filing for divorce from Hoppy in January 2013, the Skinnygirl founder has struggled.

"My divorce has made me a vulnerable person," Frankel says in the trailer.

Later, she's seen in the trailer with tears in her eyes, saying, "I don't want the same life back, I just want a new life."

But there's still a lot of snark left in Frankel, as the trailer also shows her clashing with the other housewives.

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Julianne and Derek Hough Going Back on Tour

ABC/Fred Lee(NEW YORK) -- Siblings Derek and Julianne Hough are headed back on tour. The new Move Live on Tour 2015, which was announced on Monday's Good Morning America, will see the dancing pair hitting 40 cities across the U.S.

"We had such a fun and high energy show last year. It was amazing to see such a great reaction from our fans the first time, and we can’t wait til they see what we have up our sleeves now!" Julianne said in a statement. "Our goal then, and our goal now is to have it feel like a rock concert for dance, and I think we have and certainly will accomplish that again."

Derek added, "Our fans haven’t stopped asking when we would go back out on the road so we are excited to be able to tell them that because of their support and demand, we are headed out again to bring them a new and exciting show. We can’t wait to see everyone on the road."

The tour kicks off June 12 in Phoenix, Arizona and ends August 8 in Las Vegas. Tickets for Move Live On Tour go on sale Friday via MoveLiveOnTour.com.

The brother and sister dancing duo will also be seen on the 20th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. It returns Monday, March 16.

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"RHOA's" Kenya Moore Explains Why She Thinks Apollo Nida Is Telling the Truth About Wife's Infidelity

Alex Martinez/Bravo(NEW YORK) -- Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers were shocked Sunday night when Kenya Moore appeared to believe Apollo Nida, who claimed that his estranged wife Phaedra Parks was cheating on him as he was turning himself into prison. Nida revealed text messages, claiming that they proved infidelity occurred.

Many thought Moore wouldn't believe Nida, who has also lied in the past, claiming Moore tried to have sex with him in Los Angeles.

"When he accused me of seeing him in L.A., it was just an accusation. He didn't have a text message, a photo, he didn't have anything. It was just something he said," she tells ABC News Radio. "So when he said this about Phaedra, he had proof. And the proof was in the text messages."

Moore continues that although Nida has proven he's a liar, Parks has also.

"Apollo exonerated her from any involvement in his criminal activity? Was that a lie?" Moore questions.

Last year, Nida was sent to prison for eight years on fraud charges.

"Phaedra has proven to be a liar," Moore continues. "She has lied about her pregnancy, she has lied...that she didn't use that kind of language when she said that Cynthia [Bailey] wasn't invited to her baby shower, and she also lied when she said that she had seen the text message of me propositioning Apollo. That was a bold-faced lie."

Indeed, in season three many of the housewives questioned why Parks lied about when she had gotten pregnant with her first child, Ayden. Many of the housewives believed it was because she had conceived the baby boy before marrying Nida, which would be against her religion. Also, Parks was caught in a lie when she claimed she invited Bailey to Ayden's baby shower. RHOA cameras caught her saying, she doesn't "give a f*** if Cynthia" attended. Parks said Cynthia was lying because she never uses curse words, as a Christian woman.

Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to Bravo on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Kim Kardashian Defends Taking Selfies, Talks Upcoming Book

Peter Kramer/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Kim Kardashian loves taking selfies so much, she's even publish Selfish, a book of her best snaps.  As for criticism that it's just more evidence of her own self-obsession, Kardashian says it's not so.

"I live my life on a reality show. But sometimes people take it very seriously, or they think it's ridiculous," Kardashian tells Adweek. "I'm kind of letting them know, yes, it is ridiculous, but it's all fun. I can look at a photo on social media and see a picture and know exactly where I was by the outfit I had on or who I was with. I take it more as a fun, emotional scrapbook that I love to look back on."

"[I took] my first selfie in 1984 and that opens up the book," Kardashian explains.  "For a decade, I've carried a big digital camera, and I think it's just fascinating to see the process of what types of photos evolve. Mine started off on digital cameras, then they went to a BlackBerry and then a smartphone. There's just such an evolution of the selfie. And I captured that, I think, really well."

The reality star said ultimately, it's all in good fun.

"You have to have a sense of humor every once in a while," she said. "So many people think that taking so many selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what's so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories. I genuinely love the glam of life and hair and makeup and all of that, so I love just sharing my life with people -- that's who I've been."

Selfish hits shelves May 5.
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Flaws in 'Leaked' Cindy Crawford Photo Faked? Photographer Says Yes

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The leaked photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford that showed the model in a less-than-flattering light appears to have been faked, according to the photographer who took the picture during a magazine photo shoot.

John Russo, the celebrity photographer who took the shots for the December 2013 cover and spread in Marie Claire Mexico magazine, said in a statement to ABC News that the image was “stolen or unlawfully accessed and then altered and distributed to the media."

"It has been falsely claimed that this photograph represents an un-retouched image of Cindy Crawford. This is not true," Russo's statement said. "It is a fraudulent altered version of my photograph. I am grateful that this fact has been brought to the public's attention and that corrections are being run in the media."

The purportedly un-retouched image, allegedly from the shoot, was hailed by women around the world as empowering when it was posted on Twitter last month by British journalist Charlene White. The tweet has since been removed.

The image showed Crawford clad in a bra and panties. Her bared stomach was no longer flat and her thighs weren’t as toned as they used to be.

Photos that were published in the magazine showed Crawford’s stomach covered up, and a video from the shoot only showed her from the chest up.

Crawford spoke about her changing body during a 2012 interview with The Huffington Post, saying, "I'm happy with my body but it's not my old body."

Now 49, Crawford has remained silent since the photo was leaked.

Neither the magazine nor Crawford have responded to Russo’s claim that the leaked photo was doctored, but some pointed to another picture to say the claims have merit. Just days after the story of the unflattering photo broke, Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, posted an image of his bikini-clad wife on Instagram. That image showed Crawford looking far more slender and toned.

In a blog post written at the time the purportedly un-retouched photo of Crawford was made public, Marie Claire America said the image revealed “a body that defies expectations -- it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.”

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William Shatner Defends Absence from Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- One day after publicly saying he couldn't make his dear friend Leonard Nimoy's funeral because he was "doing charity work" for the Red Cross, William Shatner fired back at critics who had blasted him because of his absence.

On Sunday morning, he started on Twitter by citing a report calling Shatner a derogatory name because he missed Nimoy's funeral.

"Let's discuss it," Shatner, 83, wrote. "So my daughters Melanie and Lisabeth are attending Leonard's services. I chose to honor a commitment I made months ago to appear at a charitable fundraiser. A lot of money was raised. So here I am; tell me off."

He then took questions from fans and reporters and responded.

"Walking out on a major fundraiser wouldn't have you calling me a jerk for leaving a charity high & dry? Hmm?" he wrote after someone questioned why he just didn't leave the fundraiser.

He also wrote, "One of the other misconceptions seems to be that folks think flights to LAX occur all night long" and joked about the costs of a private jet from Florida, where he was with the Red Cross, to Los Angeles.

"A jet from FL to LA is about $30K," he later wrote.

Shatner then spent some time to remember his "intelligent, insightful, just a precious gem of a" friend, who died Friday at age 83.

The one word he used to describe Nimoy was "love" and that the two were very close after Star Trek ended.

He answered fans on what kind of father he was, saying "the best. He was also an amazing uncle to my daughters."

He closed by writing, "I do want to thank everyone for coming here and sharing their memories and celebrating the life of #LeonardNimoy LLAP! MBB," adding about the critics, "Gang, all haters do is hate."

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Are Kendall and Kylie Jenner Getting Their Own Reality Show Spin-Off?

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC(NEW YORK) -- There's been Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons and even Khloe and Lamar. But is a new E! spin-off featuring the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, heading for TV?

According to Variety, a show featuring the two sisters, and daughters of Kris and Bruce Jenner, is in the works, although there's no word on how soon it would see airtime. Formal negotiations reportedly haven't even started.

The Jenner sisters are on the rise. From releasing a sci-fi novel, Rebels: City of Indra, last year and creating two clothing collections, they also have multiple individual projects. Kendall is the new face of Estee Lauder and is currently walking the runway in Milan Fashion Week. Kylie has her own hair extension line and is reportedly developing an app with her rumored boyfriend, rapper Tyga.

Despite having over 18 million Twitter followers between them, it's still hard to say if the two can carry their own show.

The new show is not part of the reported $100 million deal made by their mother Kris earlier this week that has Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! for another four years.

E! told Variety that the figure in the deal is "grossly inaccurate," and it's more likely to be around $20 million for three more seasons of the show plus a $75,000 clothing allowance per season for the entire family. The spokesperson also said Rob Kardashian is part of the deal. Kris' son with the late Robert Kardashian, Sr. was glaringly missing in the New York Post's report.

The tenth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres March 15 on E!

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Report: Rosie O'Donnell Files for Divorce

Lou Rocco/ABC(NEW YORK) -- Rosie O'Donnell has filed for divorce from her wife, Michelle Rounds, according to documents obtained by People magazine.

O'Donnell, 52, is divorcing Rounds, 42, on the grounds of "an irretrievably broken relationship," according to court documents filed Friday in Manhattan State Supreme Court.

The divorce documents also state that the couple has a prenuptial agreement.

Three weeks ago, O'Donnell announced she was separating from Rounds and leaving The View to focus on her health and her children.

O'Donnell and Rounds wed in 2012 at their home in Nyack, New York. Since separating in November, they have shared custody of Dakota, the 2-year-old daughter they adopted together.

Rosie also has four older children with her ex-partner, Kelli Carpenter.

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"Saturday Night Live" ISIS Skit Raises Controversy

NBC(NEW YORK) -- A skit on Saturday Night Live that parodies a car company ad by having a father see his daughter off to join ISIS has some viewers saying the show crossed the line from edgy to offensive.

The controversial skit, featuring Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, begins with a father dropping his daughter off at the start of her big life adventure -- presumably the armed forces.

"OK, just call when you get there," the dad, played by Taran Killam, says to his daughter, played by Johnson.

The setup is a spoof of Toyota's Super Bowl ad, "My Bold Dad," in which an emotional father drops his daughter off at the airport as she joins the armed forces.

But the SNL parody has a twist. Johnson doesn't enter the airport or get on a bus. Instead, a pickup truck full of bearded armed militants arrives to pick her up.

"You be careful," Killam says.

"Dad, it's just ISIS," Johnson responds.

After Johnson climbs into the truck, Killam says, "Take care of her."

"Death to America," one militant, played by Kyle Mooney, responds.

The skit drew immediate criticism on Twitter, with some calling it "unfunny," "vile" and in "horrible taste."

"Is ISIS really a subject of humor?" another user asks.

But others defended the skit, including one who wrote, "So the worst people in the world are off limits for ridicule? Bullies need to be criticized and ridiculed. Otherwise they become a normal part of society."

An NBC spokeswoman said the network wasn't commenting.

Johnson was hosting SNL for the first time. Her famous parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, made a cameo during her opening monologue.

World News Videos | US News Videos

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"Sound of Music" 50th Anniversary: The Real von Trapps Reflect on the Iconic Film

Hulton Archive/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As The Sound of Music turns 50, it's still just as iconic as ever, decades after Julie Andrews starred as Maria in the 1965 classic.

"What blows my mind is how much it's continued and how much people still value the story," Myles von Trapp Derbyshire, 30, told ABC News. "And the people that I meet, how much it's affected their lives. It's great to be part of a story that's proven itself to be timeless."

Myles is the great-grandson of Maria von Trapp, one of the main, real-life inspirations for the movie, and believes her story "is about being strong and facing adversity head on."

"Here we are 50 years later and people are still interested," he added. "Lady Gaga is performing at the Oscars and it's still relevant.”

In the classic movie, Maria leaves a convent during World War II and falls in love with Captain Georg von Trapp. The family, including the children, leave Austria during the war to escape the Nazis.

The film also focuses on the family's musical gifts and occupation as traveling singers. Maria von Trapp, who died in 1987, was the matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers.

Since The Sound of Music is based on a true story, Myles recalls the times he would visit the actual Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, and how that family landmark came about.

"After they came to the U.S., they were broke, because they had to leave everything behind in Austria," Myles told ABC News. "They decided on Vermont, it reminded them most of Austria with the green mountains and all. They bought a farm and turned that into music camp. That's where my grandmother and grandfather met."

While Myles may not have too many memories of his great-grandmother, his mother, Stephanie, 55, remembers Maria.

"She was my grandmother," she told ABC News. "[We would visit] once a year. We would go for a family trip to the Trapp Family Lodge, which was her house. It was a big deal, because we would get out of school early! And we'd have a ball."

World News Videos | US News Videos

What the Movie Got Right and Not So Much

With the von Trapp family being the inspiration for the Oscar-winning film, some elements were exaggerated for dramatic effect.

"The whole relationship with Rolf was added, that did not exist," he said of one of the von Trapp children having a relationship with a young Nazi in the movie. "He's a made-up character. My grandfather was actually the eldest child. So the relationship there with one of the Nazis didn't exist. They didn't climb every mountain, they hopped on a train to Italy when it came to the Nazis pursuing my great-grandfather."

He added, "The house itself [in Austria, which was a mansion in the film] was not this grand, huge thing. They lived very humbly for several years before they left Austria and came to the US. ...The personalities of Georg and Maria are also actually reversed."

“My great-grandfather was very sweet and kind, Maria was apparently very moody," he said, laughing.

Stephanie says Maria “wasn't your snugly grandmother, but she was fun. I'll never forget, she wanted to take us to the local soft serve ice cream place. She was trying to describe how tall the ice cream cone was and she was very excited. She took us in her convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. We got ice cream and I just remember that was awesome.”

What the movie got exactly right was "they did sing, stuff about my great-grandfather Georg and him being a naval captain, and being knighted is all true."

Seeing the Movie for the First Time

Myles von Trapp Derbyshire doesn't remember the first time he saw it but has an amazing memento that he cherishes.

"There's a picture of me sitting on my grandfather's lap watching the movie when I was 4 years old," he said. "You can see Julie Andrews dancing through the mountains and me on his lap."

Stephanie von Trapp Derbyshire remembers, and though she's excited now, at 5 years old, she admits she "didn't get it."

"I remember going to the theater. I remember thinking, 'Why was this so special?' I didn't quite connect the fact that we were von Trapps and the people in the movie were von Trapps. I didn't get that," she said.

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"Focus" Finds Way to Top of Box Office

Frank Masi/Warner Bros. Entertainment(NEW YORK) -- Will Smith and Margot Robbie stole the title of box office winner this weekend, as their new movie Focus claimed the top spot.

Focus grabbed nearly $20 million, while the other major film that opened this weekend, The Lazarus Effect, came in fifth. Fifty Shades of Grey fell all the way to fourth place.

Here are the top ten films of the weekend according to boxofficemojo.com:

1. Focus: $19.1 million
2. Kingsman: The Secret Service: $11.75 million
3. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: $11.2 million
4. Fifty Shades of Grey: $10.927 million
5. The Lazarus Effect: $10.6 million
6. McFarland, USA: $7.797 million
7. American Sniper: $7.7 million
8. The DUFF: $7.15 million
9. Still Alice: $2.695 million
10. Hot Tub Time Machine 2: $2.4 million

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Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn Take Part in Chicago's Polar Plunge

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- Lady Gaga participated in Chicago's polar plunge on Sunday, jumping into the frigid water at North Avenue Beach.

During the #ChicagoPolarPlunge

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

About 5,000 people were expected to take the plunge, raising money for Special Olympics Chicago, breaking the organization's previous record. Last year, the event raised over $1 million. Lady Gaga took part with her fiance, Taylor Kinney.

Chicago native Vince Vaughn also took part in the event, according to ABC's Chicago affiliate WLS-TV.

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William Shatner Feels 'Really Awful' He Can't Be At Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- William Shatner said Saturday he feels "really awful" that he will not be able to attend the funeral for Leonard Nimoy, his friend and co-star on Star Trek.

Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock to Shatner's Captain Kirk on the long-running TV show and in movies, died Friday at the age of 83.

The actor revealed he was struggling with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2014, according to the New York Times. Nimoy had been a smoker, which contributed to the ailment, before he gave up the habit years ago.

Shatner tweeted Saturday that he was unable to get back to California in time for the funeral because he was in Florida doing a benefit for the Red Cross.

I feel really awful. Here I am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried.

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) February 28, 2015

"I loved him like a brother," Shatner wrote on Facebook. "We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love."

Though he was best known for playing Spock in Star Trek, Nimoy also worked in the theater, portraying Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, and published poetry and books of photography.

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Jennifer Lawrence Denies 'Terrible Rumor' Involving Fight with Director David O. Russell

Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Jennifer Lawrence took to Facebook on Friday to deny rumors that she and director David O. Russell had gotten into an argument on the set of their newest movie.

Lawrence is reportedly on the set of Joy, a film that directed by Russell and starring Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro. The foursome last worked together on Silver Linings Playbook. Rumors circulated earlier this week that, while on the set of the film, Russell and Lawrence got into quite a screaming match.

Lawrence said in a Facebook post that she doesn't use the social media site much, "because I can barely work email." Still, she felt the need to "clear...up" the story, which she calls a "terrible rumor."

"David O. Russell is one of my closest friends and we have an amazing collaborative working relationship," the Hunger Games star wrote. "I adore this man and he does not deserve this tabloid malarkey."

In fact, according to Lawrence, Joy "is going great and I'm having a blast making it."

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