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Hollywood's WORST Tippers

10 of Hollywood's Worst Tippers

A list of Hollywood's worst tippers includes Sean Penn, Madonna, Bill Cosby, Britney Spears, Tiger Woods and Rachael Ray . . . who actually believes waiters and waitresses should only be tipped $7.



Just because someone has a ton of money, that doesn't mean they tip well.  In fact, you'll often find that the richer someone is, the more of a CHEAPSKATE they are.  Like the people on this list of 10 of Hollywood's Worst Tippers . . .



Katherine Heigl:  In addition to being a bad tipper, she's also a lousy customer . . . complaining about her food, sending it back multiple times and being extremely demanding.  She's worth $25 million.



Sean Penn:  He and some friends once ran up a $450 bill at a restaurant in New Orleans, then dashed without leaving SQUAT for the server.  He's worth $100 million.



Britney Spears:  She once threw change at the feet of a valet attendant and said, "There's your tip."  She also left a $26 tip on a $500 bill, which comes to 5%. 



And one time at a Vegas restaurant, she made the waiter run across the street and get her Starbucks.  She didn't tip him, or even reimburse him for the coffee.  And she's got an estimated $200 million in the bank.



Kirsten Dunst:  She once left NO TIP on a $223 bill . . . and after she left, the staff said she was whiny and smelled bad.  (???)  Another time, a restaurant comped her entire meal and she STILL left no tip.  Even though she's worth $25 million.



Usher:  He's been known to leave AUTOGRAPHED PICTURES of himself instead of cash.  He has a net worth of $140 million.



Rachael Ray:  Being in the food industry, you'd think she'd be a good tipper.  But she regularly tips less than 10%, and has even said on her TV show that 7% is GOOD ENOUGH.  Maybe that's why she has $60 million to her name.



Bill Cosby:  He's worth $350 million . . . but he once left a $3 on a $350 bill.  That's less than 1% tip.



Jeremy Piven:  He was banned from all Nobu Matsuhisa restaurants after he took 12 of his friends to one in Aspen in 2007.  Even though the place was packed and he didn't have a reservation, they got him a table.



He left the Season One DVD set of "Entourage" as a tip, and on the way out, he told the manager, quote, "Thanks for nothing."   Piven has a net worth of $15 million.



Madonna:  She's notoriously rude to waiters and often doesn't leave a tip at all.  One time she splurged and left an $18 tip on a $400 bill.  That's 4.5%.  She's worth $650 million.  Oh, and she used to be married to fellow bad tipper Sean Penn.



Tiger Woods:  While vacationing with a "mystery woman" in Las Vegas one time, Tiger stiffed his waiter . . . so the WOMAN left a tip.  Probably out of embarrassment.  Tiger has $500 million in the bank.

Five Random Facts for Tuesday 4/22

Five Random Facts For Tuesday


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are a few random facts for you.  Giraffes sleep for less than two hours a day.  Google was originally called BackRub.  And sneezes leave your mouth at up to 93 miles-per-hour.



FULL STORY:  Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  Giraffes sleep for less than two hours a day.  Pythons sleep for at least 18 hours.



2.  In a "Spider-Man" comic that came out in 2006, Spider-Man accidentally killed Mary Jane Watson by knocking her up with his radioactive spermatozoa.



3.  Google was originally called BackRub, when they came up with the idea in 1996.  The founders changed the name to Google about a year later.



4.  Sneezes leave your mouth at up to 93 miles-per-hour.



5.  STEPHEN HAWKING believes the egg came before the chicken.

Southwest Airlines BEST Safety Breif

Just incase you missed it here is the video circulating about the hilarious Southwest Airlines employee giving the pre-flight safety briefing.               

T-Shirt Time Giveaway 15 April

Congrats to Anna! She was our T-Shirt TIme giveaway winner playing "What the Heck is that Sound"!!! Listen on Tuesdays for your chance to win AWESOME Q93 swag. Our sound bite brought to you by the following video! Thanks for listening!!!


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