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News for Thursday July 2nd, 2020


Governor Edwards warns the state is on a bad trajectory of COVID case growth that could, if it were to continue, have him consider putting some restrictions back in place.  Louisiana reported over 2,000 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, the 3rd largest single-day increase since the pandemic began and the highest since April 4th, the peak of the pandemic. We now have over 60,000 positive tests since March. 14 more people have been hospitalized as well, along with 17 new deaths. Rapides: 1,578 cases (+42) / 62 deaths (+3)


Baton Rouge will now be one of three locations selected by the feds to ramp up testing by 5000 more tests per day.


State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry calls a pop theory advocating for the purposeful COVID infection of people under the guise of creating herd immunity a “myth”.


Sheriff-Elect Mark Wood officially took the title as Sheriff in the police jury room at the Rapides Parish Courthouse. Wood, who’s been in office for two months already, was first sworn in at the end of April, and a second time on Wednesday, since July 1 is officially when his term begins.


Also yesterday, Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain was sworn in to 3 tern as sheriff. On July 1, 2012, Steven McCain proudly took the oath of office as the new Sheriff of Grant Parish.  At the age of 34,  McCain was the youngest Sheriff in Louisiana.


KALB reports The Rapides Parish School District will be assuming control of all Head Start operations here in the parish effective immediately .


The Legislature approved a series of tax breaks for COVID-impacted businesses. Governor Edwards says he has his concerns with passing tax breaks at a time when revenue is already suffering. Proponents of the tax breaks say they are necessary to save businesses on the brink right now financially.


State Treasurer John Schroder announces that small businesses can begin applying for $275-million dollars’ worth of grants to supplement losses from COVD-19 towards the end of the month.


Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products known as AYO (I-O). 


Eighteen private law firms have teamed up with the ACLU of Louisiana in a litigation campaign to challenge discriminatory policing practices.


To help keep students engaged in the learning process over the summer, the Louisiana Department of Education will partner with LPB and offer televised math instruction.


The Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs is asking citizens to participate in a letter-writing campaign to show support to those in veteran’s homes.




The Saints Preseason could be set to get two games shorter according to a report from Pro Football Talk.


Pels rookie sensation Zion Williamson will be one of three cover athletes for NBA 2k21, the long-running basketball video game.


ESPN reports the NBA will not have an age limit for coaches heading into the “bubble” in Disney World for the restart of the NBA season. The league assured coaches and staff that those with those who are high risk for other reasons may be told to stay home.


LSU Pitcher Ben McDonald, second basemen Todd Walker, and shortstop Alex Bregman have been named to the ESPN all-time college baseball team.


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