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Kayla is a Maryland native and graduate of Liberty University. Kayla’s radio personality, YouTube video presence and all-around fun-spirited attitude are the perfect match for your Q93. PopCrush Nights debuted on December 3, 2018 in syndication. "My job is to try to make a listener’s day just a little bit easier, and the fact that I now get to do that for so many people across the country is so humbling. The best way I can thank everyone is to try my best to be an inspiration, a breath of fresh air, and a friend to each and every person who hears my voice. Let’s do this!” — Kayla Thomas, host, PopCrush Nights

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Most Requested Live Worldwide with Romeo - the most interactive show on the radio! Join Romeo, Producer Colleen, Tracy, and Karianne every Saturday night! Featuring interviews from Maxwell, Carson, Carla Marie & Anthony!

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If you're new to us, Open House Party is a huge national event. It's broadcast every Sunday night on Pop music FM stations across North America. It is totally listener interactive, with all music played from listener requests and is beamed live via satellite from the home of Kannon.Virtually every major star in the world has been on Open House Party, from Cher and Madonna to Eminem, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Artists love coming by live on a Saturday or Sunday night to party. Open House Party has broadcast from some of the biggest party events in America, including Mardi Gras from New Orleans, Summerfest from Milwaukee, Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, Rockfest in Dallas, and the last two Woodstocks.The direction of Open House Party is totally driven by the listeners. All music played is 100% by listener requests, which keeps Open House Party tuned in to what our core listeners actually want to hear on the weekend, which differs from what they choose during the week. This direct connection with the listeners enables Open House Party to spot hot new hits first, to identify which songs are really the most popular, and almost as importantly, to determine which songs have died and people have grown tired of hearing.

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