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Kelly Clarkson says people were "really mean" to her in early 'American Idol' days

Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversalBack in her American Idol days, Kelly Clarkson admits not everyone in the industry was so welcoming of her.

On Friday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer told virtual guest Jennifer Love Hewitt that the actress was one of the only people who was nice to her at an early red carpet event.

"People were really mean to us because we're from a talent show and it was the first season. Like, everyone was so rude to us, like, on the carpet. ...It was so bad. It was a horrible experience," Kelly told Hewitt.

"You came up to me, ran up to me out of nowhere and were like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm really rooting for you,’” she continued. “You told me, 'Please keep the ones you love so close. It'll end up being about a few people in your life, unfortunately, but this business can be really hard.’”

"You just gave me this advice that was really kind in such an unkind time for me personally,” Kelly shared. “It meant the world to me. You were so nice."

Kelly, as we know, was the first-ever winner of American Idol. Back in September, she celebrated the 18th anniversary of her win.

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Chipotle launches The Shawn Mendes Bowl for a good cause

Courtesy ChipotleWhile you may not be able to share a meal with Shawn Mendes in real life, Chipotle has the next best thing.

The singer has launched his very own meal at the fast food chain: The Shawn Mendes Bowl.

The exclusive burrito bowl consists of cilantro-lime cauliflower rice, black beans, chicken, roasted chili-corn salsa, romaine lettuce and guacamole.

You can order it on or through the Chipotle app for $12.20 and $1 from each order will be donated to the Shawn Mendes Foundation between now and January 28.

Chipotle and Shawn are also teaming up to award "Wonder Grants" to young activists focused on sustainability.

"It is important to me to partner with a company that values sustainability -- I'm excited to partner with Chipotle and appreciate their support for my Foundation and young changemakers who are leading the charge in these crucial efforts," Shawn says in a statement.

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Jennifer Lopez grows her wings in "In the Morning" video

ABCJennifer Lopez has released the majestic music video for her new song, “In the Morning.”

The artistically shot visual begins with JLo sinking gracefully into an ocean, symbolizing a woman who has fallen into a toxic relationship. She then transforms into a mermaid and rises to the top. She continues her rise and her metamorphosis, growing her own wings so she’s free to fly away.

"I am soooo excited for you to see the official video for #InTheMorning," JLo previously teased on Instagram. "It's full of symbolism about a dark one-sided relationship and the realization that you can't change anyone else ... you can only change yourself!!!"

"Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn't truly value all you have to offer," she also wrote.

Jennifer debuted the track back on November 27, along with risqué cover art featuring her strategically posed naked.

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Ed Sheeran lends his production skills to remix of Passenger's "Sword from the Stone"

Nettwerk/Black Crow RecordsEd Sheeran has put his stamp on his pal Passenger’s new song.

The track “Sword from the Stone” has gotten a "Gingerbread Remix" courtesy of production work by Ed. Passenger, born Michael Rosenberg, wrote the song during lockdown, driven by feelings of loneliness and isolation.

“Ed was really excited about the song when I played it to him and suggested that he produce a version that could potentially work as a radio single,” Passenger says in a statement. “It’s not every day you have that kind of offer from a pop genius, and I’m so delighted with what he and [producer] Joe [Rubel] have come up with. It’s been such a fun one to work on.”

This isn't the first time Ed and Passenger combined their musical talents.  Passenger, known best for the song "Let It Go," previously worked with Ed on the 2013 track "Heart's on Fire." Passenger also served as the opening act for Ed on tour in 2012 and 2013.

“Sword from the Stone” is the opening track off Passenger’s new album, Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted, out now.

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Kesha credits Demi Lovato for inspiring her to summon aliens

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcpKesha is hoping that her new hobby, which she says she picked up from Demi Lovato, will allow her to make contact with alien life.  

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the "Praying" singer admitted that she has been spending time trying to summon aliens.

Kesha, 33, says she was first turned onto the activity when she invited Lovato onto her Kesha and the Creepies podcast last December.

"I loved the conversation we had," the two-time Grammy nominee gushed, adding that Lovato was well-versed in the strange but exciting hobby. "There were a couple books she mentioned and an app she mentioned that I immediately downloaded."

Kesha admits she became very excited about the possibility of communicating with alien life and told her family after her fateful interview, "'All I want for Christmas is for us all to meditate and try to channel extraterrestrials.'"

The "Tik Tok" singer adds her family was completely on board and now she's introducing her friends to the hobby "because of Demi Lovato."

As for why Kesha experimented with the idea of alien summoning, she said COVID-19 has intensified her anxiety and she needed to find an outlet to redirect the energy.  

"I have never been this still. The world has just been at war this past 12 months," she adds.  "It's just been a lot of anxiety." 

Kesha adds that kickstarting her own podcast was another outlet she used to keep herself busy during the uncertain times while entertaining fans.

"I'm just talking about anything supernatural, anything unexplainable. I'm talking to musicians about the craziest stuff we've ever gone through. All different kinds of people from all over the world, and giving their wildest experiences," she explained. "I want to see things from different perspectives... I've always been into that."

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Zayn releases daring and sincere new album, 'Nobody Is Listening'

RCA RecordsThere's a reason Zayn Malik teased his album Nobody Is Listening as "his most personal project to date" -- it's because the "Vibez" singer has taken full creative liberty to shamelessly express himself in the 11-track studio effort.

Nobody Is Listening is the followup to 2019's Icarus Falls.

Sonically and lyrically, Zayn's third studio album is chock full of experimental themes, notes and musical arrangements.  In addition, Zayn's most private thoughts are laid bare across the 36-minute journey.

Blending pop, R&B, rap and soft rock, the album offers an extremely diverse sound.  "Calamity" is a spoken word poem -- as if he is revealing his innermost thoughts in front of an empty room.

"But when it's time, wrap in white linen/ I rap this, I say it for my sanity/ Whatever the calamity, I did this for myself/ F*** all of your fantasies/ You're a snake, fell off the ladder/ I prefer speakin' in analogies/ I had enough of all this work/ And I can't trust that you're family," the 28-year-old singer delivers against a series of piano chords and drum snare.

Another daring song is "Connexion," where Zayn flexes his falsetto and vibrato as he sings about diving head first into a love that fills a hole in his life he never knew he had.  The singer also becomes lost in the moment as his voice wanders aimlessly between notes.

Another track, "Sweat" picks up right where Zayn's first single "PILLOWTALK" left off and serves as one of the album's most sensual tracks.

The British singer also teams with artists Syd and Devlin for two tracks, "When Love's Around" and "Windowsill," respectively.

Here's the complete track listing for Nobody Is Listening, which is available for digital download and on-demand streaming now:

"When Love's Around (feat. Syd)"
"Windowsill (feat. Devlin)"
"River Road"

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Lady Gaga's Republican father is "extremely proud" that she's performing on Inauguration Day

Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesLady Gaga and her father, Joe Germanotta, do not normally see eye-to-eye when it comes to politics.  She is an outspoken liberal and he voted for President Donald Trump.

However, they both agree on one thing when it comes to Inauguration Day, which is January 20 -- it is an honor that she will be performing the National Anthem before President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris next Wednesday.

Speaking Thursday on Fox News, Germanotta -- who endorsed President Trump during the 2020 election cycle -- shared his thoughts on his daughter's upcoming gig.

"I'm extremely proud that she's able to participate," the 63-year-old restaurant owner expressed. "I'm looking forward to watching it!"

While he's excited to watch his daughter perform, he says the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead makes him fear for his daughter's safety.

Germanotta admitted that he has "normal fears that a father would have any time my daughter performs" and noted, "I hope everybody stays happy, safe and it's a calm day."

Gaga will be performing alongside Jennifer Lopez during the inauguration.

Following Biden's swearing in ceremony, a TV special called Celebrating America will air live across a number of networks later that night. The 90-minute special, which premieres at 8:30 p.m. ET, will feature performances by Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and other stars throughout the broadcast.  Tom Hanks will host.

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Selena Gomez honors her heritage with release of Spanish-language track "De Una Vez"

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic The wait is finally over -- Selena Gomez's highly anticipated Spanish-language single "De Una Vez" is finally here.

"I am incredibly proud of my Latin background," Gomez, 28, said in a statement about her new single that she released Thursday.  "It felt empowering to sing in Spanish again and ‘De Una Vez’ is such a beautiful love anthem."

The lyrics, when translated to English, tell the triumphant story of Gomez's broken heart finally healing after a former lover leaves her and she realizes she's better off without that person in her life.

"Once and for all/ I am stronger on my own/ And it's that I don't regret the past/ I know the time spent by your side/ Cut off my wings/ But now my chest is bullet proof," the Rare Beauty mogul gently sings in the rhythmic single.

The music video, which shows Gomez waking up on an empty bed and enjoying the freedom of having the house to herself, ends with the words "Baila Conmigo" flashing across the screen --  hinting at a followup Spanish-language single.

Gomez spoke to Apple Music's Zane Lowe about honoring her heritage with her music and confessed that she prefers singing in Spanish.

"I actually think I sing better in Spanish," the Spring Breakers star revealed, who was named after late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. "I think Spanish came very naturally to me... Being able to say, and speak, and roll my Rs, and do all of that, that's already in me, thank goodness."

"I just hope that people understand how much I put my heart into this, and how amazing I feel about it," she smiled. "I'm targeting my heritage, and I couldn't be more excited."

The song is Selena's second Spanish-language single.  She released "Un Año Sin Lluvia" in 2010.

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Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion team up for spicy "34+35 Remix"

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for MAXIMAriana Grande's hit "34 35" was already spicy on its own, but add Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion and it gets that much hotter. 

On Friday, the trio released the remix to the sensual track, which is centered around the songstress' desires in the bedroom. The "34 35 Remix" starts out like the original with Ari delivering the first verse and hook before Doja takes over. 

The "Say So" crooner stays on brand with the song as she raps suggestive lyrics about her activities between the sheets. Then, after a cut to the chorus, the "Savage" rapper does the same. 

Ari first teased the collaboration on Wednesday when she posted an image of a TV screen with the silhouettes of three women -- the "pov" singer in the middle and the other two had question marks. She didn't keep her collaborators a mystery for long though. On Thursday, she, as well as, Doja and Megan, officially announced their joint record. 

"34 35" was one of the most buzzed-about tracks off Ari’s sixth studio album, positions, which was released at the end of October -- and like the song, the album is also full of sexually-charged double entendres, innuendos, and vulnerable lyrics. 

The "34 35 Remix" is available for streaming now. 

By Danielle Long
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Gabby Barrett's first child is due any day, but she's already planning for number two

ABC"I Hope" singer Gabby Barrett will be a first-time mom "any day now," according to her Instagram account, but the former American Idol finalist says she's already thinking about baby number two.

"We're ready to add on to our family and get some babies in there," she tells People. "I definitely want to have more than one in the future, for sure."

Twenty-year-old Gabby, who's expecting a baby girl, tells People, "I always wanted to be a mom. It was something that was always ingrained in me from a very young age. I remember being in high school and I would always pray about my future spouse and my future kids."

"I just can't wait to see what she looks like. It's insane to me that we are literally right around the corner from this; that she's coming very soon," she adds.

Until then, Gabby will have to deal with the downsides of pregnancy.

"I can't do normal things that I want to do. I get so tired so quickly," she laments. "I want to clean the house and make sure everything's so clean, but it's so hard to bend down and it's hard to roll over when you sleep."

Luckily, her husband and fellow American Idol alum Cade Foehner is around to help out.

"He's just been very nice. He rubs my feet every single night. He's been extra, extra thoughtful," Gabby gushes, adding, "He's just been very patient about [my mood swings] and very understanding."

"I hope she gets Cade's hair, not mine," Gabby adds, laughing. "He has much nicer hair than I do."

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Watch "Control" singer Zoe Wees' new video "Girls Like Us"

Philipp Gladsome"Control" singer Zoe Wees is out with a new song and video, "Girls Like Us."  Like "Control," the song is meant to offer comfort to people who are struggling, but in this case, the struggle is with self-confidence.

“It’s not always good to think about how you look to the rest of the world. It’s much more important to think about how you feel inside," the Germany-based singer explains. "It is not easy to call yourself beautiful but being confident helps you to accept and love yourself.”

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall/I don't see beautiful/Staring back at me," she sings.  In the clip, disembodied hands wipe tears from her face; in other scenes, she appears wrapped in chains and standing in the rain.

“We’re walking through a world with blinded eyes," Zoe adds. "At the end of the day, we all go to bed without make-up with the ugliest clothes and wake up with the messiest hair on earth.” 

This past week, Zoe made her U.S. T.V. debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden, singing "Control."

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Demi Lovato's new docuseries to kick off South by Southwest Festival

Interview still from "Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil" | Credit: OBB MEDIADemi Lovato's upcoming docuseries Dancing with the Devil, in which she discusses her near-fatal 2018 overdose, will be making a big splash before it hits YouTube.

The docuseries will get its world premiere at the upcoming South by Southwest Conference and Festivals this March.  While it normally takes place in Austin, TX, this year's event will be held online, from March 16-20, due to the ongoing pandemic. Dancing with the Devil will then begin streaming for free on Demi's YouTube channel on March 23.

On her Instagram, Demi writes, "While the festival will be virtual, I can’t think of a BETTER place to premiere it than at a festival in my home state of TEXAS."

The docuseries is described as an "intimate portrait of addiction and the process of healing and empowerment."  In a statement, Janet Pierson, director of film for South by Southwest, says, "It’s impressive and rare to see a pop superstar tell their story so authentically and without pretense."

"Demi Lovato’s profound interest in mental health awareness is helping change the landscape of a crucial issue in this year of national and international trauma and loss," Pierson adds.

Musicians who'll be featured speakers during SXSWOnline include The Chainsmokers, who'll talk about expanding their empire and launching their venture capital firm; Lil Dicky, who'll discuss his FXX series, DAVE; and  LL Cool J and Queen Latifah, who'll look back on their long careers in music, television and movies.

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Sia releases new version of "Hey Boy" featuring Burna Boy

Monkey Puzzle/AtlanticSia’s latest single, “Hey Boy,” is getting an extra boost from Burna Boy.

On Thursday, the singer released a new version of the track featuring the Nigerian artist, along with an animated music video. The remixed song, along with the original, is included on Sia’s upcoming eighth studio album, a companion to her feature directorial debut, Music.

The album, Music -- Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture, comes out February 12. The film, starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Sia’s muse, Maddie Ziegler, is due out sometime next month.

Hudson plays Zu, a newly sober woman who learns she must become the sole guardian of Ziegler's character, Music, Zu's half-sister who's on the autism spectrum.  It's based on a short story Sia wrote in 2007.

Here’s the track list:

“Hey Boy“
“Saved My Life“
“Floating Through Space“
“Eye to Eye“
“1 1“
“Courage to Change“
“Play Dumb“
“Beautiful Things Can Happen“
“Lie to Me“
“Hey Boy“ ft Burna Boy

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Jennifer Lopez's son inspired her to take part in last year's Black Lives Matter protest

Micaiah CarterLast summer, Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were among the many celebrities who participated in the Black Lives Matter marches that swept the country in the wake of George Floyd's death.  But as she tells ELLE magazine, she may never have done it if her son Max hadn't given her the inspiration.

JLo says that when her 12-year-old realized that mom's social media following was as big as that of his favorite YouTube gamers, "he wanted to make sure I realized that I had power and that I should use it."

"I thought that was very insightful," Lopez tells ELLE. "It was one of those parenting moments when you’re like, 'Oh, maybe I’m raising a conscientious, kind, loving kid here.'"

She adds of the march, “I’m not used to being in big crowds like that, but it felt very empowering, and it was great to see so many young people out there, really young people." 

Of the controversy surrounding the movement itself, though, JLo states, "I don’t think it should ever be looked at as anything except trying to make things better, trying to make sure that people don’t get hurt, that people are treated fairly.”

Jennifer also talks to ELLE about her new JLo Beauty line and her upcoming film Marry Me, due in May. The video for her new single "In the Morning" launches February 13 on her Triller channel.  As for her wedding to Rodriguez, nothing's planned.

"We postponed the wedding twice, she says. "We had planned what we really, really wanted to do, [but] I don’t know if we’ll be able to re-create that. We canceled it, and since then we haven’t really talked about it. There’s no rush. We want to do it right when we can do it."

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Cardi B scores her first leading role in new comedy, 'Assisted Living'

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for CoachellaGet ready: Award-winning rapper Cardi B will be bringing the jokes to her first starring role in a film. 

In the upcoming comedy, Assisted Living, Cardi will play Amber, "a small-time crook who finds herself in over her head when a heist goes wrong," reports Variety. After running from the cops and her former crew, Amber disguises herself as an elderly woman while hiding out in her estranged grandmother’s nursing home.

Variety describes the film as a "raucous comedy" with "tremendous heart," mirroring classic films like Tootsie, Sister Act, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Produced by Temple Hill and Stephen Love, the film is based on an original script by This Is Us writer, Kay Oyegun.

Cardi B made her feature film debut in 2019's Hustlers, alongside Jennifer LopezConstance Wu, Keke Palmer and Lizzo. The multi-Grammy-winning rapper also appeared in last year's Fast & Furious franchise film, F9, opposite Vin Diesel. 

On the television tip, Cardi headlined Netflix’s music competition series, Rhythm  Flow: She, Chance the Rapper and T.I. were judges and executive producers of the show. Between 2015-2017, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper appeared on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop. A year later, she released her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, which has been certified triple-platinum.

Cardi's latest endeavor includes her Facebook Messenger show, Cardi Tries..., which airs new episodes every Thursday.  In it, she explores new activities such as stunt car driving and basketball. Tune into this week's episode to see her learn how to make sushi. 

By Rachel George
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Rihanna is smokin' in new Savage X Fenty Valentine's Day looks

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2 Presented by Amazon Prime VideoWhat a world we live in: You can watch Rihanna do a sexy dance in skimpy lingerie, and you don't even have to be dating her.

To promote her new Savage X Fenty Valentine's Day collection of lingerie, Rihanna's posted multiple photos of some of the new designs, modeled by none other than herself. She's also posted a video where she pouts and poses in a red lace bra with strategically-placed heart inserts, plus red stockings, garters, a thong and elbow-length vinyl gloves. She also fondles a red lace mask.

"You're not my only Valentine..." she captions the video.

You can check out the designs now at  There are also a few things in there for your man, modeled by Miguel, including a matching set of satin boxers and "smoking jacket."

"For you? With bae? Just a little playtime?" reads the website. "Whatever your mood, we’ve got the perfect looks you’ll be crushin’ on."

As always, Savage X Fenty is super-affordable and comes in sizes suitable for every body type.

You’re not my only Valentine...@SavageXFenty

— Rihanna (@rihanna) January 13, 2021
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Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat join the remix of Ariana Grande's "34 + 35"

Huxley WorldIt's official! Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat will be featured on the remix of Ariana Grande's, "34 35."

The "Savage" rapper made the official announcement on her social platforms Thursday. The song's cover art features the three ladies each wearing one of Grande's hairstyles from the song's video.

"Oh I'm here for this wow," wrote one fan in the comments.

Twitter also went crazy over Megan announcing yet another female-powered collaboration, which fans predict will top the charts like her previous team-ups: "WAP" with Cardi B and "Savage" with Beyonce.

"Coming for #1, wrote one fan, while another said, "predict it right now."

The news comes one day after Grande sent social media in a frenzy over which mystery collaboratorswould be featured on her first release of 2021.

As for Megan and Doja Cat, the two rappers may also have a joint collaboration on the way for Doja's next album, which might also likely feature Saweetie, A$AP Ferg and more.

So what does a collab with Ariana, Megan, and Doja Cat sound like? Find out when the "34 35" remix drops tomorrow. 

#3435REMIX @ArianaGrande @DojaCat TONIGHT 🔥💙

— HOT GIRL MEG (@theestallion) January 14, 2021

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Kelly Clarkson's Tennessee mansion reduced in price

Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversalKelly Clarkson's huge Tennessee mansion, which she shared with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, has had its price significantly reduced as the couple's bitter divorce battle continues.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that the listing price was cut by over half-a-million bucks, bringing it down to a low, low $6.95 million dollars.

Kelly, who has put the home up for sale off and on since 2017, last listed the home for $7.5 million.  

The singer and Emmy-winning talk show host first purchased the residence in 2012 for under three million dollars and, following her move to Los Angeles in 2017, originally listed the 20,121-square-foot property for $8.5 million.

The mansion boasts a home theater, wet bar, two spas, and a double staircase leading down to a saltwater pool and private dock.

Kelly cited "irreconcilable differences" when filing for divorce against Brandon last June.  The two have been embroiled in a nasty legal battle since.

In December, Kelly was awarded primary custody of the two children she shares with Blackstock: six-year-old River Rose and four-year-old Remington Alexander.  Brandon also has two older children from a previous marriage, who Kelly considers her own.

By Megan Stone
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Mariah Carey reveals that quarantine has "really helped my voice"

FOX via Getty ImagesLike many, Mariah Carey is looking forward to the day life returns to normal.  Until then, the "We Belong Together" singer says she is focusing on the positive things happening in her life.

Speaking Wednesday on the Questlove Supreme podcast, Mariah revealed the upside of COVID-19 putting her career on pause.

"Taking off work has really helped my voice," confessed the diva. "Honestly, for me this whole year with COVID and everything, not having to sing for my supper and travel around and not get the right amount of sleep or just be put on this thing where there's a certain amount of stress, for me, that takes away a lot of stuff."

"Everyone's like, 'Oh, you've got to get back in a studio. Like, you gotta, like, get back to singing. And I'm like, 'I know,'" said Mariah. 

She added that she's been using the off time to de-stress, because when she becomes overwhelmed, her singing ability becomes compromised.  One example she gave during the podcast is that her "whistle register" -- her ability to hit super high notes -- stops working when she's anxious.

"When I'm under pressure, it's always screwed up," said Mariah.  "Every part of my voice is screwed up."

Mariah added that, when she does return to the studio, she will take a "different approach" when recording her followup to 2018's Caution.

Admitting that she felt Caution was "rushed," Mariah says she plans to take more time with her next studio effort so she can fully express herself -- especially now that she's been able to rest her voice.

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Dua Lipa shoots down rumors that she's pregnant

Getty Images for dcpDua Lipa found out the hard way that there's a difference between being cryptic and being unclear.  The "Don't Start Now" singer thought she was using a harmless emoji but instead, she accidentally sparked a pregnancy rumor.

On Wednesday, Lipa, 25, shared a two photos of herself modeling a green-and-blue plaid mini dress.  However, all eyes were on the caption: a series of emojis that reportedly included a baby bottle and angel baby emoji.

Fans quickly flooded the "Levitating" singer's comments section, begging for answers, while others wholeheartedly congratulated her on the supposed pregnancy.

One confused fan who asked if the rumors were true earned a response from Dua herself, who made it clear that the only thing in her stomach was a big dinner.

The British singer tersely clarified that she has a "food baby" and soon deleted the caption all together.

As of late Wednesday, the photo remains up but the description is empty.  

Dua is currently vacationing in Mexico with boyfriend Anwar Hadid.

By Megan Stone
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