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We Are HearNatasha Bedingfield returned to the spotlight last month via a new remix of her iconic hit "Unwritten," which now serves at the theme song for The Hills: New Beginnings.  Now she's released a brand new single and has a new album on the way.

Roll With Me, her fourth album, will be out August 30.  It's the follow-up to her 2010 album Strip Me.  A new track called "Roller Skate" is available now; another song, "Kick It," is coming August 2.  More tracks will be released in the coming weeks.

Pre-orders of Roll With Me come with an instant download of "Roller Skate."

Roll With Me was produced by hitmaking singer/songwriter/producer Linda Perry, and will be released on her label We Are Hear.

In a statement, Natasha, who welcomed her first child in 2017, says, "I wanted to make music that moves people and makes them move. It's bright and bold but in a way that is also raw and honest."

Linda Perry adds, "I wanted to work with Natasha because she is one of the best live performers I have ever seen and has one of the most versatile voices I have ever heard. It was important to both of us to capture the true spirit of who Natasha Bedingfield is and we nailed it!"

This Saturday, Natasha will perform Frank Sinatra's classic "Fly Me to the Moon" with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C., to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  Other performers include country star Kacey Musgraves and Pharrell Williams, and Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins will be in attendance as well.

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Universal PicturesAfter the trailer for her new movie CATS dropped Thursday, Taylor Swift is capitalizing on the buzz by offering "Cat Edition" new album bundles.

The bundles, which are only available until Saturday at 12:29 p.m. EDT, come in seven different variations, and they all include Taylor's new album Lover, plus merch from her line of items inspired by her cats Meredith and Olivia.

The first bundle features pins that look like Olivia, pins that look like Meredith and two sets of patches featuring each cat. Bundle two includes two sheets of cat stickers, and two pens decorated with the cats' likenesses. Bundle three has the stickers, plus a pillow that looks like Meredith's face. Bundle four is the same, except with an Olivia pillow.

Bundle five features a gray Meredith and Olivia onesie; bundle six has a pink one. And finally, bundle seven features a black and white cat print t-shirt and a sticker sheet. 

You can buy all the bundles via Taylor's online store.

The reaction to the CATS trailer has been decidedly mixed, with many wondering why the actors have been turned into cats via CGI, but still have human mouths and, um, other parts. The movie opens December 20.

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Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboNot long ago, Alessia Cara told ABC Radio that while on tour, she'd been writing new songs, and predicted that the next thing she'd release would be something brand new, rather than a track from her 2018 album The Pains of Growing.  Now, she's made good on that prediction.

On her socials, Alessia wrote, "caught the writing bug out of the blue and made an EP. It’s called This Summer. I’ll be releasing a new track every couple of weeks until its release. the first song, 'Ready,' will be out July 22nd."

Meanwhile, the "Scars to Your Beautiful" singer continues her tour with fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes. The two will perform in Kansas City, MO tonight and in Tulsa, OK on Saturday. The dates wrap up August 31 in Uncasville, CT.

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Jon Pack/NBC

Looks like all those drinks that Rihanna and Seth Meyers shared a few weeks ago have led to something other than a really funny Late Night segment.

The singer has announced that her annual Diamond Ball gala, in support of her Clara Lionel Foundation charity, will take place September 12 in New York City, and Meyers will host the event.

Performers include DJ Khaled and Pharrell Williams, artists with whom Rih has worked in the past. There are also rumors that Pharrell is working with the singer on her long-awaited ninth album, but that's not confirmed.

"Our 5th Annual #DIAMONDBALL is just 2 months away!!!" Rihanna wrote on Instagram. "I’m so excited to announce our host @sethmeyers ... and for the main event, the one and only @pharrell is performing!!! To support the #ClaraLionelFoundation and learn more, follow @claralionelfdn! #CLF."

The Clara Lionel Foundation, named after Rih's grandparents, was founded in 2012 to support education and health programs globally, as well as emergency response programs worldwide. The first Diamond Ball was held in 2014.

One-hundred-percent of the proceeds from Fenty Beauty's Killawatt Highlighter go to the foundation.  And speaking of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's super-successful cosmetics line is launching in Asia in September, including Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and Jeju, South  Korea.

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Lauren Daigle releases hopeful new track, "Rescue"

ABC/Eric McCandlessAfter the massive success of “You Say,” Lauren Daigle has premiered the follow-up single from her Grammy-winning album Look Up Child.

The track, called “Rescue,” contains a message of hope.

“Rescue’ is probably the most personal song from Look Up Child,” Lauren says in a statement. “It was written for someone very close to me who was going through a difficult time. I wanted something that would comfort them in their time of need.”

She adds, “That’s the purpose of the song, to give hope to people who feel lost.”

The video for the song, which debuted on Apple Music, was shot on Knik Glacier in Alaska and features the singer in the middle of the stark yet beautiful landscape.

“The landscape is synonymous to the depth of healing that can take place where you feel void or empty,” Lauren explains. “When hope arrives in such an expansive way it can rescue you.”

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Atlantic RecordsEd Sheeran's new album No. 6 Collaborations Project is on track for a number one debut on the Billboard 200.

According to industry experts, the album could sell over 170,000 album units, giving Ed his third #1 album.  He previously topped the chart in 2014 with X (Multiply), and in 2017 with ÷ (Divide).

No. 6 Collaborations Project features Ed duetting with everyone from Bruno Mars and Camila Cabello, to Cardi B, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper, to Eminem, 50 Cent and country star Chris Stapleton.

The album is already #1 on the Irish charts, and is on track to hit #1 in the U.K. as well.

Meanwhile, Ed's tour in support of Divide continues in Europe. He plays Moscow on Friday, and Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday and Wednesday. The tour wraps at the end of August with four shows in Ed's hometown of Ipswich, England.

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Mark Weiss/WireImageFollowing the release of the Lance Bass-produced documentary The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story comes news that the disgraced boy band mogul will be getting the biopic treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a film about Pearlman’s rise and fall, called Transcon, is in the works. It will be based on the Vanity Fair article “Mad About the Boys” and Tyler Gray’s nonfiction book The Hit Charade.

Producers on the project include hit songwriters Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson, who will reportedly write new music for the film, as well as incorporate songs associated with Pearlman’s artists for the film’s soundtrack.

Pearlman created the boy bands *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, among other pop acts, and ultimately swindled them – and investors in his company Trans Continental – out of millions of dollars.

He was convicted of fraud and money laundering and died in prison in 2016 while serving a 25-year sentence for multiple felonies.

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ABC/Eric McCandlessBack in 2014, Katy Perry was sued over her smash hit "Dark Horse": A Christian rapper claimed that she'd used the beat in his 2008 song "Joyful Noise" without permission. The copyright infringement trial started on Thursday, and Katy herself took the stand to testify...and even offered to sing.

Billboard reports that when Katy's lawyers tried to play "Dark Horse" in the courtroom, they couldn't get it to work, prompting Katy to say, "I could perform it for you live.”  Eventually, though, the song was able to be played.

Katy's team argues that she and her co-writers on the song had never heard "Joyful Noise," and that the beat itself is too simple to be copyrighted. The rapper, Marcus Gray, claims that his song could have crossed their radar, given that its parent album was available online and in stores, and had received a Grammy nomination.

When it was suggested that because Katy used to be a Christian artist, she would have been more likely to hear "Joyful Noise," the singer argued that even early in her career, she was “mostly always listening to…secular music anyway.”

As Billboard reports, Katy explained exactly how she and her co-writers created "Dark Horse," and defended the fact that she'd cut the disputed beat out of the song when she performed it at the Super Bowl.  The prosecution insinuated that cutting out the beat -- seven months after the lawsuit was filed -- was an acknowledgment of the infringement.

Katy's response was that every song she performed that night had been edited for time.

“For the Super Bowl I was allotted [just] 12 minutes, and I wanted to perform as many songs as possible,” she said.

The trial continues today; it's not clear if Katy will return to the stand.

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Sam Smith asks "How Do You Sleep?" in new single & video

Capitol RecordsAs promised in a series of cryptic social media posts over the past two weeks, Sam Smith late Thursday night released his new single, "How Do You Sleep?," and a video to go with it.

The mid-tempo ballad has Sam calling out a lover for being untruthful to him.

"Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me?/All that shame and all that danger/I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight," Sam sings in the chorus.

The video opens with a pensive-looking Sam sitting listless and alone in a video studio, before he's literally dragged off of the set.  But he comes to life as the music starts and ten male dancers surround him, moving to the music -- Sam even busts out some sultry moves himself.  The video ends with him embraced by the dancers as he pointedly wipes away a tear, as if he's over the drama.

“This year, both personally and musically, I feel so free," Sam says in a statement.  "More than ever I have had so much fun making this record and this video. Time to dance darlings x.”

"How Do You Sleep?" was co-written by Sam with famed songwriter/producer Max Martin, as well as frequent Ariana Grande collaborator Savon Kotecha and songwriter/producer ILYA, who's worked on hits like Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

It's not clear if this song is a stand-alone, or a release from a forthcoming album. Sam's last album, The Thrill of It All, came out in 2017. His most recent single is his current hit "Dancing with a Stranger," a duet with Normani.

"How Do You Sleep?" is available now from all the usual digital outlets.

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Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboAfter releasing her Singular: Act I album last year, Sabrina Carpenter is ready for Act II. Her second installment in the Singular series is out today.

While the first collection of songs exuded confidence, the singer tells ABC Radio this time around she’s showing a more vulnerable side.

“I see Act II as kind of like a pulled apart version of Act I,” she says. “It's a little less precise and a little less perfect.”

She adds, “I think we have those moments where we feel really confident and everything is put together and we feel on top of the world, and we have moments where we don't feel as much of that. But at the end of the day…we can always get back to that place and that state of mind.”

Act II features Sabrina’s latest release, a danceable track about anxiety called “In My Bed,” and the emotionally raw “Exhale.” She says being more open about her feelings in these songs was a way of repaying the fans who have been so open with her.

But she’s having fun, too – as evidenced by the quirky “In My Bed” video, in which she sports a set of googly eyes.

“At first I was like, ‘Well I just hope this doesn't look like a bad Snapchat filter,’” she says of her video look. “And it turns out it does…but it works. You know, it looks like just enough of a bad Snapchat filter that it's mesmerizing.”

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Universal Pictures"I am a cat now and somehow that was everything."

That's what Taylor Swift wrote as a caption as she posted the first official trailer for her new movie CATS on Instagram.  It's also posted on Twitter and YouTube.

The trailer, which runs more than two minutes, gives us the first look at Taylor in character as Bombalurina: We see her lying in a hammock, sprinkling catnip from a sequined canister.

We also see Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, James Corden and Rebel Wilson all digitally covered in fur, yet still recognizable, dancing and doing cat-like things in London, which seems enormous because everything is seen from a cat's point of view. 

Jennifer Hudson, as Grizabella, belts out the movie's best-known number, "Memory.

Based on the wildly popular musical of the same name, CATS follows a group of "Jellicle cats," who vie to be selected by their leader, Old Deuteronomy, to travel to the "Heaviside layer" to start a new life. 

CATS hits movie theaters December 20.

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Bazzi sings about summer love on new track, "I.F.L.Y."

Atlantic RecordsBazzi has released a new summer love song called “I.F.L.Y.”

Over an acoustic beat, he gushes over a girl and proclaims his love.

“Tan lines and some memories, guess summer got the best of me,” he sings, adding, “I guess what I'm saying is I f*****g love you.”

“I.F.L.Y.” follows a string of recent standalone releases from the singer, including “Paradise,” the politically-charged “Caught In The Fire”, and “Focus” featuring 21 Savage.

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Michael Kovac/WireImageTaylor Swift and Madonna are not only among the world's most successful musicians -- they're also among the most admired.

A new poll conducted by the market research firm YouGov, which surveyed 42,000 people in 41 countries, ranked Taylor and Madonna at #10 and #11 respectively on the list of the World's Most Admired Women.  They are the only musicians on the list.

On the list of World's Most Admired Men, there are a few Indian and Chinese celebrities who sing, but that's not what they're primarily famous for -- which means Taylor and Madonna are the only musicians overall on the survey.

The World's Most Admired Woman, according to the poll, is Michelle Obama, followed by Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Queen Elizabeth II and Emma Watson

Bill Gates in the World's Most Admired Man, followed by Barack Obama, Jackie Chan, Chinese president Xi Jinping and Chinese businessman Jack Ma.

Interestingly, in the YouGov survey of the Most Admired within the U.S., neither Taylor nor Madonna make the cut, nor does any other singer, male or female.  Barack and Michelle Obama top that particular poll.

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Tyler, the Creator wants to collaborate with Billie Eilish

ABC/Randy HolmesShe's already teamed up with her idol Justin Bieber, but now another one of Billie Eilish's musical heroes wants to collaborate with her: rapper Tyler, the Creator.

Speaking to Apple Music's Beats 1, Tyler reveals that he's a fan of the "bad guy" singer.

"I want to work with her," he says. "I don't know what the f*** we would make. Even if it don't come out, if it's trash, I still just want to see what we could do."

Billie has yet to respond to Tyler's offer.

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TAS Rights ManagementItching to see even more behind-the-scenes action from Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” video? People has a new exclusive clip, showing some of Taylor’s pals and co-stars as they geek out over being part of her LGBT-friendly video.

The clip features internet personality Hannah Hart, plus-size model Dexter Mayfield, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and entertainer Todrick Hall as they film their respective cameos in Taylor’s rainbow-colored trailer park.

“I literally thought I was gonna get a [shot] from a camera for just a moment, so all this sounds amazing,” Hannah tells Taylor, after finding out she’s going to have her own dancing moment in the video.

Later, while getting ready to film a group scene, Taylor compliments Adam’s sheer crop-top.

“You look phenomenal. Love that your nipples are making a cameo,” she tells him. “That’s a separate cameo. That’s amazing.”

In between shots, Todrick, who co-produced the video with Taylor, gushes over the experience.

“This is maybe the best I’ve felt since maybe I came out,” he tells Taylor. “I came out of my mom’s body, I came out of the closet, and now I feel like this is my third coming out.”

Taylor’s new album Lover comes out August 23.

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Seems like Dolly Parton's down with an "Old Town Road" remix

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesIs there anyone who doesn't want to join Lil Nas X on another "Old Town Road" remix?

After X joked on Twitter that he wanted to do another version of his chart-topping smash with country music legend Dolly Parton and rising rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Dolly responded in a low-key way: She tweeted a picture of the "Old Town Road" artwork, which features two horses, with a pink horse with a blonde mane added in. She also added horse emoji and a unicorn emoji.

To which Lil Nas X responded, "YEE YEE GANG!" with three horse emojis and some hearts.

In the past few days, Bruno Mars has also expressed a willingness to participate in a remix, as has "All Star" band Smash Mouth.

It's now become an ongoing joke that Lil Nas X will be releasing "Old Town Road" remixes for decades.  As one Twitter user described it, "The year is 2090. Every song in the Billboard Top 100 are Old Town Road remixes. Lil Nas X is president. Every American has been required to send in a 1-minute freestyle to add to his upcoming Old Town Country single. Area 51 has been overrun. You have a pet alien. Life is good."

Right now, the young rapper, who retweeted that post, just seems to be trolling people. Earlier this week, he tweeted artwork of no less than nine horses, with the caption, "WHO READY?!??!?!"

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Between them, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran have dominated the pop album and singles charts this millennium, but now the two Grammy-winners are venturing into new territory: the rock charts.

Thanks to their hard-rocking new collaboration "Blow" -- which they recorded with country star Chris Stapleton for Ed's new album, No. 6 Collaborations Project -- both Bruno and Ed have landed on three of Billboard's rock charts.

"Blow" debuts at #3 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs chart.  It's the first time that Bruno and Chris have appeared on this chart, while Ed hasn't been there since 2013, with his song "Lego House." 

Meanwhile, "Blow" is number one on the Rock Digital Song Sales chart.  Ed was on it in 2013, again with "Lego House," but it's the first time for Bruno and Chris -- and the first time any of them have reached #1 on it.

"Blow" is also #40 on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart.  It's the first time Ed and Bruno have been on that one, but Chris appeared in March of 2018.

In the in-depth interview Ed did with media personality Charlamagne Tha God to promote the album, he says he loves "Blow" because nobody expected him, Bruno and Chris to make a heavy rock song.  He even says this song may be the thing that will make him do what he's never done before: tour with a band.

"Throughout my whole career, I've never had an excuse to get a band, and now maybe that's an excuse to tour with a band," Ed says. "'Cause I think playing that live would be different level." 

"People like my loop pedal, and no one's seen me with a band," he points out. "And I think it's time to have a show that incorporates both of them, personally."

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ABC/Fred LeeAttention die-hard One Direction fans: You could be the proud owner of the group’s custom Scooby-Doo-inspired tour van.

The vehicle, which was designed specifically for Louis Tomlinson and former member Zayn Malik in the group’s early days, is going up for auction at the U.K.’s Classic Car Auctions on August 3.

The 2012 Volkswagen Crafter sports a groovy blue and green car wrap with the words “The Mystery Machine” -- the name of the Scooby-Doo crew's vehicle -- emblazoned on the side. It comes outfitted with CCTV cameras, a PA system, a roof-mounted laser show and an “earth-shaking sound system.”

And if you get bored while riding around, you can have fun with the on-board Sony PlayStation, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo, Wii, classic Atari console and a 55" Sony Bravia plasma TV. The seats feature Zayn and Louis’ initials embroidered in white.

The van is expected to sell for as much as £40,000, or nearly $50,000.

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Double Popsicles are back...thanks to Justin Bieber?

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC ImagesIn June, fast food chain Wendy's brought its spicy chicken nuggets back, in part thanks to Chance the Rapper's viral tweet in May in which he said he was literally praying for their return.  Now, Popsicle is bringing back its classic "double" configuration...in part, thanks to a tweet from Justin Bieber.

Back in May, Justin tweeted, "Talking with @scooterbraun and we just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. @Popsicle we need those back!"

Popsicle replied to Justin's tweet, saying, "We can’t Belieb you’re a fan. We’ll see what we can do for you and @scooterbraun. Who else misses our original Double Pop?"

This week, Popsicle has revealed that Double Pops are back, in a limited quantity -- but the company says it will bring them back for good if its tweet gets 100,000 retweets.

"Hey @justinbieber – you asked where are the @Popsicle Double Pops? Well, you better belieb we made a special batch just for you and @scooterbraun!" read the tweet. "They’re coming in hot… well, cold actually, because you know… Popsicle!"

Another tweet continued, "A limited batch has landed – but for 100K retweets we’ll bring back the Double Pop fun for everyone. Who’s in? RT this tweet & we’ll alert you on 7/23 with the results. #BringBackTheDouble."

According to the New York Times, Twin Stick Popsicles were introduced during the Great Depression, but were discontinued in 1986 because evidently, moms thought they were  “messy” and were “just tired of cleaning up.”

Of course, this entire Popsicle Twitter exchange could very well have been a viral marketing stunt in which Justin was paid to participate -- but we prefer to believe that he just really wanted some icy summer treats.

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Janet Jackson is taking full Control of her vinyl legacy.

Wednesday, it was announced that the recent Rock & Rock Hall of Fame inductee is set to reissue five more of her groundbreaking albums on vinyl.  Following the release on vinyl of 1986’s Control, next week sees the release of 1987’s Control: The Remixes, 1989’s Rhythm Nation 1814, 1993’s janet., 1997’s The Velvet Rope, and 2001’s All for You.

This in-depth catalog reissue is designed to reinforces Jackson's legacy "as a singular visionary creative artist" and "inherent instinct for fusing together a variety of musical styles," according to her record label.

With the exception of Control, which has already been released, all of the records are due to arrive on July 26 to coincide with the launch of the second set of dates of Jackson’s Metamorphosis Las Vegas residency.

Some will be available in different colors, or as picture discs. You can pre-order the global star's reissued vinyl catalog via Jackson's dedicated website

Janet's Metamorphosis returns to Las Vegas for 18 more performances, starting July 24-31, and continuing August 2-17, at the Park Theater at Park MGM.

In addition to her Vegas dates, last month, the singer made her debut at the U.K.'s prestigious Glastonbury Festival, and also appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival. 

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Jonas Brothers to receive Decade Award at 2019 Teen Choice

FoxJonas Brothers are set to receive the Decade Award at this year’s Teen Choice.

The sibling trio -- Nick, Joe and Kevin -- are being honored in celebration of their evolution over the past 10 years. That evolution involved an extended hiatus and eventual reunion, culminating in the release of their Happiness Begins album this year.

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in June and became the biggest debut of 2019 with a total of 414,000 units sold.

The Jonas Brothers are also nominated this year for multiple Teen Choice awards including Choice Music Group, Choice Song: Group for “Sucker,” and Choice Summer Song for “Cool.”

Teen Choice 2019 airs on Sunday, August 11 at 8 p.m. ET live/PT tape-delayed on Fox.

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Craig SjodinKaty Perry fans are happy with her new single "Never Really Over" and they'd like to hear more new material from the American Idol judge. Well, the good news is that there are more songs coming, but the bad news is that they won't be in the form of an album.

Speaking to Australia's Nova FM, Katy explained, "For the past year I've basically said I'm not making a record.  Because making a record really is a big commitment of time and touring."

"I did that for the past four records and I did that for almost 10 years straight," she added. "And now I'm trying to really investigate some kind of normal balance in my life."

But, Katy notes, "I'm still writing songs and going into the studio and I definitely have a couple of songs that I really love, and I'm excited to share with the world...in the very near future."

Agreeing that she's in a "really good place," Katy revealed, "You know, it takes a lot of therapy!"

"It takes a lot of therapy to work on your mental health, and it takes a lot of balance," she continued. "And I've been able to find a lot of balance through...just doing, like, a lot of hard, kind of, character work -- which is not always fun."

In a similar vein, Katy has also said that she and her fiance Orlando Bloom aren't rushing down the aisle, because they want to take the time and do the work to prepare themselves emotionally for a lifelong commitment.

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Ariana Grande seemingly teases new "Charlie's Angels" song

"Charlie's Angels" cast/Chiabella James

We know that Ariana Grande is working on the soundtrack of the upcoming Charlie's Angels film, and now she seems to be teasing a new song from the project.

On her Instagram Story, Ari posed a screenshot of a song whose title appears to be "Got Her Own," along with two angel face emojis. She tagged the movie's IG account, as well as her frequent collaborators Victoria Monet, Savan Kotecha and Tommy Brown.

Billboard notes that Ariana and Victoria performed a song called "She Got Her Own" onstage back in March, and Ari also teased a snippet of it on Snapchat as far back as October of 2016.  It's not clear if it's the same song or not, though.

The trailer for the Charlie's Angels reboot featured a snippet of an unnamed song that features Ariana singing with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

The film, starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks, who also directed it, arrives November 15.

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GILES KEYTEBefore we get the first trailer for CATS on Friday, a new behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of the movie musical has been released.

The “Look Inside” features the stars – including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Jason Derulo – discussing what being a part of the musical has meant to them, as we see scenes of them rehearsing on set.

“My first memories of performance go back to when I was in Pennsylvania growing up,” Taylor says in the clip. “My favorite thing was getting to be theatrical, to tell a story and I’ve always brought that sort of narrative element to my live shows.”

She goes on to explain how she came off her stadium tour and went right into rehearsals for CATS, in which she’ll play a feline named Bombalurina.

The clip also teases the film’s production design, use of state-of-the-art technology and combination of dance styles ranging from ballet to contemporary, hip-hop to jazz, street to tap.

CATS -- also starring James Corden, Judi Dench, Idris Elba and Rebel Wilson – is set to hit theaters December 20.

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L-R: Andrew Gertler, Shawn Mendes, Founder/CEO of Flow Hydration Nicholas Reichenbach; Courtesy Josiah Van Dien/Flow Hydration Shawn Mendes is branching out into beverages.

He and his manager have become investors in, and advisors to, a company called Flow Alkaline Spring Water, which is responsibly sourced, naturally alkaline and packaged in an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable carton.

Shawn's been a fan of the brand since 2015 and, as part of the new partnership, he'll be Flow's "Sustainability Ambassador" to help raise awareness for alternatives to traditional bottled water.

“I am incredibly excited...to become the face of a brand that promotes sustainability and positivity in the best way possible,” Shawn says in a statement.

Flow is now offering a contest where fans can win a trip to Shawn's first-ever stadium show, taking place September 6 in his hometown of Toronto. Visit FlowHydration.com to get details on how to enter.

The Flow partnership also means that Shawn's tour this year will be "green": Its carbon emissions will be offset by switching all plastic water bottles to Flow cartons, donating excess food to food banks and shelters, recycling and composting all waste, selecting sustainable catering partners and educating fans about the environment.

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Credit: Simon LipmanSnow Patrol's 2006 hit single "Chasing Cars" is the most-played song on U.K. radio of the 21st century so far.

That's according to the British music licensing company PPL, which presented Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody with an award in recognition of the song's accomplishment during a ceremony in London Tuesday.

"It's unbelievable," Lightbody told the BBC of the honor. "I'm not sure how that happened."

Speaking about the enduring love for "Chasing Cars," Lightbody said, "It's an emotionally open song and it's a simple song. But it's also unabashedly a love song, and we don't really have any others."

"The way it unifies an audience is the thing I most cherish about it," he added. "It's a beautiful moment every time you play it."

"Chasing Cars" peaked at number six on the U.K. Official Singles Chart, and stayed in top 75 on the tally for an impressive 94 weeks. It was already U.K. radio's most-played song of the 21st century in 2009.

In the U.S., "Chasing Cars" reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. Its popularity was in part boosted by its use in the season two finale of Grey's Anatomy.

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Lance Bass teases fans with Old Face Challenge photo of *NSYNC

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTVEver since four members of *NSYNC joined Ariana Grande onstage at Coachella earlier this year, calls for the group to reunite for a tour -- even without Justin Timberlake -- have gotten louder and louder. That's why Lance Bass is trolling fans on Twitter with tantalizing promises of a reunion...decades from now.

Using FaceApp, Lance jumped into the Old Face Challenge that's currently going viral, and posted a photo of all five *NSYNC members posing together as old men. He captioned it, "When we finally reunite" with a smile emoji.

Fans predictably went nuts, with many posting the "So you're telling me there's a chance?" GIF.  And another hopeful fan wrote, "Notice he said 'When'...not 'If.' Juuuuust saying."

Another fan wrote, "WE WANT IT NOW. I mean if I have to be 50 doing the choreo to IWYB I will, but I'd rather do it before the arthritis."

"I'll be there with my high blood pressure pills and arthritis medication," wrote another.

One fan posted a video of The Golden Girls and captioned it, "My friends and I when we finally get to see @NSYNC in concert."

But the one that Lance himself liked best was the response from the fan who captioned the pic, "Dirty Pops."

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Kai Z. FengWhen "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus notched its 15th week at #1, it broke away from the pack of songs that had dominated the top of the chart for 14 weeks. But one of the artists whose song they outlasted isn't upset -- he's happy.

Bruno Mars, whose Grammy-winning collabo with Mark Ronson, "Uptown Funk," was #1 for 14 week in 2015, tweeted to X, "Congrats @lilnasx !  That's awesome!" To which the young rapper responded -- jokingly, we think -- "bruno we can tell them about your remix now bro."

To which Bruno replied, "JULIO!! FEED THE HORSES" -- a reference to his "Uptown Funk" line, "Julio! Get the stretch!"

Besides "Uptown Funk," the other songs that Lil Nas X left in the dust are Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling," Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together," Los Del Rio's "Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)," Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" and Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997"/"Something About the Way You Look Tonight." All of them were #1 for 14 weeks.

As previously reported, if "Old Town Road" stays at #1 for another week, it will tie Mariah and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" and Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" as the longest-running number ones of all time.

Meanwhile, there's a new animated video out for the latest "Old Town Road" remix, featuring Young Thug and Mason Ramsey.  The plot involves those two artists, plus Nas and Billy Ray, storming Area 51 and hanging with aliens. It also features animated cameos by Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, as well as Keanu Reeves running at top speed like Naruto.

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Jennifer Lopez debuts 'Hustlers' trailer on 'The Tonight Show'

Barbara Nitke/STXJennifer Lopez leads an all-star cast in the upcoming movie Hustlers, and she chose Tuesday's Tonight Show to drop the first trailer.

Following his monologue, host Jimmy Fallon facetimed Lopez, whose concert at New York's Madison Square Garden he attended the night before.

After chatting about the show, the conversation turned to the movie, which opens nationwide September 13.

"Well, the trailer doesn't come out until tomorrow, said Fallon.

"I'll give you a little tease? J-Lo replied, before dropping about 45 seconds of the trailer.  The full trailer debuted online immediately after that.

Hustlers, which is inspired by a 2016 New York Times Magazine article, follows "a crew of saavy former strip club employees" who come together to "turn the tables on their Wall Street clients."

“They stole from everybody. Hard working people lost everything and not one of these d********* go to jail,” Lopez says in a voice-over, while the ladies are seen swindling their high-profile clients as Cardi B, who also stars in the movie, raps underneath.

“The game is rigged and it does not award people who play by the rules. It’s like robbing a bank; except you get the keys,” adds Jennifer.

Hustlers also stars Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Mercedes Ruehl, Trace Lysette, Mette Towley, Lizzo and Madeline Brewer

Hustlers, which is inspired by a 2016 New York Times Magazine article, follows "a crew of saavy former strip club employees" who come together to "turn the tables on their Wall Street clients."

“They stole from everybody. Hard working people lost everything and not one of these d********* go to jail,” Lopez says in a voice-over, while the ladies are seen swindling their high-profile clients as Cardi B, who also stars in the movie, raps underneath.

“The game is rigged and it does not award people who play by the rules. It’s like robbing a bank; except you get the keys,” adds Jennifer.

Hustlers also stars Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Mercedes Ruehl, Trace Lysette, Mette Towley, Lizzo and Madeline Brewer.

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When Taylor Swift released her video for "You Need to Calm Down," which featured her and Katy Perry embracing, she gave a few interviews in which she explained how the two buried the hatchet after years of enmity.  Now, it's Katy's turn to tell the story from her perspective.

Calling into Australia's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Katy explained the beginnings of the reconciliation, when she sent Taylor a literal olive branch before Taylor started her Reputation tour.

"I just thought she was about to embark on something new and big and needed the support," Katy said. "I realized how much we have in common and maybe there’s only five other people in the world that can have the same type of conversations and understand where we’re coming from and that we should celebrate our commonality."

After that, Katy said, she saw Taylor at various Oscar parties, which Taylor was attended with her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn. Katy then made the first move.

"I just went up to her and I was like, ‘Hey, you know, it’s been a long time, and I think we’ve grown up a little bit, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and that I’m really here for you and that I love you and I hope that we can be friends in the future,'" Katy recalled.

After that, they started texting, and eventually, Taylor invited Katy over to her house to discuss her video idea.

"I said the only way I'm coming to your house is if I can hold your new cat," laughs Katy, adding. "She made me some cookies."

Now, Katy says, she and Taylor are good.

"It's amazing that we've had this opportunity to change," she says. "And I hope other people can learn from it, too.

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